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Alex-Tech Machinery


Alex-Tech Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd.
No.5 Chun An Road, Shen Kang Dist.
42955 Taichung City
+886 4 2562-6039
+886 4 2562-6040

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About us

ALEX-TECH MACHINERY INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. is spearheading the industry with specialized R&D for CNC lathes and machining centers that are widely known among world class engineers for precision. Our entirely computerized production facility occupies a space of over 3,300 square meters and employs a staff of over a hundred employees. Extremely rigid quality control procedures throughout operations ensure our world-wide acclaim for reliability. Leadership within the company combines a neoteric passion for innovation with unshakable experience. ALEX-TECH is highly motivated company, committed to empowering manufacturers with quality, precision and reliability.

An Art Form: With Quality Comes Quantity
The essence of machinery lies in precision. At ALEX-TECH MACHINERY we believe that our genuine pursuit of quality results in machinery that speaks for itself. Like all other forms of art, the deepest beauty requires a trained eye to appreciate. For us, precision and quality must permeate every detail of our endeavors. From the minutest details on the inside on out, our precision is an art form we proudly pass on to our customers.

A Solid Technical Foundation in Education
In order to promote quality and innovation, ALEX-TECH MACHINERY sends technicians abroad on a constant basis to advance their education and assess industrial needs in western countries. As innovation is a main priority, humility plays a key role in our process of R&D. We'll never pretend to have all the answers, but we'll certainly never cease in our search for them. As we remain committed to a solid technical foundation, we find it imperative to enhance our education.

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