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ANDREAS MAIER GmbH & Co. KG Products


Hand tools

hand tools
Andreas Maier GmbH & Co. KG (AMF)
Hand tools
1. Quality from AMF

There are very good reasons why a discriminating user should choose the best quality screwdriving tools:

> rigorous quality control ensures uniform standards

> seen as a whole, more economical, because the unproductive time spent while tools are issued is reduced to the essential minimum

> in sizes up to ca. 6 A/F, the torque that can be applied by hand may be higher than the test torque that is specified in the relevant standard, with the resualt that:

the wrench deforms, but only breaks under very unfavourable conditions, a modest, but valuable contribution is made to safety in the workplace;

> the true value of quality tools can only be seen in real, practical use

2. Material

Highly alloyed chrome-vnadium steel

> tested steel sections in verifiably uniform quality from trusted suppliers ensure low wear for a long working-life.

3. Manufacture

> end faces machined

> end face up to 10 mm jaw opening chamfered process-sure

> inspection by sampling at all stages of production

4. Execution

Hardness to DIN standards

> the values of minimum torque specified for tightening screws up to grade 12.9 are achieved or exceeded.

5. Surface finish

> blued (Version C)

> nickel-plated (Version D)
  • Hinged hook wrench with pin
  • Wrenches for machine tools
  • Coupling wrench fire hydrant c
  • Ball-ended hexagon keys
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