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ANDREAS MAIER GmbH & Co. KG Products
AMF Zero-Point-Systems
Other system for additive manufacturing
Andreas Maier GmbH & Co. KG (AMF)
Other systems for additive manufacturing
The clamping experts from AMF (Andreas Maier Fellbach) once again prove that they are at the apex of development with their clamping modules specially developed for additive manufacturing.

You can neither see nor hear them when they are being used. And yet they are the true masters when it comes to reducing set-up times: The Zero-Point clamping system from AMF. With it, set-up times can be reduced by as much as 90 per cent. This has gone down well with the people in charge at MATSUURA. For their revolutionary hybrid machines which combine additive and subtractive methods, the AMF Zero-Point system ensures that everything runs quickly and seamlessly and that the cost-effectiveness is right.
  • AMF Zero-Point-Systems
  • AMF Zero-Point-Systems
  • Zero-Point-Systems von AMF
  • AMF Zero-Point-Systems
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