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ANDREAS MAIER GmbH & Co. KG Products


Andreas Maier GmbH & Co. KG (AMF)
Vertical machining centres

Loading unit

Automation of machining centres

With our new loading unit, we make your machining centres run by themselves, and you lay the decisive cornerstone for automated and economical production. Loading and unloading, the entire stockpiling and management of pallets and machine control are centralised and integrated into the production process with high process reliability.

The new loading unit from AMF combines numerous features and advantages in the smallest space. This automation solution for pallet handling features technical advantages due to its well-thought-out overall concept and perfected software. The perfect solution for a future-oriented automation solution that is right for your machining centres.
  • AMF loading unit
  • AMF loading unit
  • AMF automation
  • AMF loading unit
  • AMF loading unit
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