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Assfalg Products
Assfalg GmbH
Filters, filtering equipment for surface technology

Magnetfilter MICROMAG

The magnetic filter Micromag provides for enormous filtration capacity with liquids, in particular with lubricating coolants. Magnetic particles down to 0.2 μm are filtered out by the permanent magnetic
core. Sporadically appearing and non-magnetic parts are filtered out by means of the coagulation as well. The filter can be easily incorporated in the coolant circuit through pipe threads.


- Huge filtration capacity
- Easy and fast cleaning
- Temperature range: +5°C to +50°C
- Maximum operating pressure: 12 bar (Special designs from 0 - 80 bar are possible)
- No extra costs - no additional disposal of filter media


- Grinding, honing and lapping machines
- CNC-machines
- Fine-finishing machines
- Electric discharge machines
- Laser cutting machines
- Building and industrial heating systems
- Pump protection


- Improved drilling, grinding and electric discharge results
- Longer lifetime of liquids
- Prolonged lifetime of tools
- Shorter maintenance and down times
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