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Autodesk Blog

Autodesk Extends the Power of Generative Design to Architecture

April 2020
Author: Autodesk | Joy Stark
Company: Autodesk GmbH
Autodesk Extends the Power of Generative Design to Architecture

For years, Autodesk has collaborated with globally-recognized companies like AirbusVolkswagen Group and others to explore the possibilities of generative design, helping them to leverage this technology to tackle complex design dilemmas and embrace a more sustainable approach to manufacturing. But what if the speed and scale of this technology could be leveraged similarly outside of the manufacturing space – by architects, engineers and contractors alike? 

Throughout the project delivery lifecycle of a building, architects, engineers and contractors experience and solve for a myriad of universal challenges. Each challenge – ranging from seemingly simple to complex – has the potential to trigger tedious, time-consuming and cost-intensive rounds of revisions. At Autodesk, we dedicate a significant amount of time developing and delivering solutions to those challenges, and we do it in collaboration with you, our customers.  

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