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Forge Tronic
Forge Tronic Schmiedepresse
Electric presses for hot forging
Automazioni Industriali Srl
Presses for hot forming
Forge Tronic
Forge Tronic is an innovative electric press for the hot forging of non-ferrous metals.
All the axes, the upper die, the four extruders and the unloading arm are directly driven by electric motors, allowing the user to regulate and monitor the process variables: position, speed, torque, etc. Thanks to a touchscreen monitor, the operator can set up the work cycle, the stroke, start and end parameters for each extruder. This way, the press is so accurate and precise that the forged parts have no burrs after forging and do not need any extra machining. The software can store the various items in a database, so any previously stored item can be quickly retrieved. The press has an integrated die lubrication through 16 upper nozzles and 16 lower nozzles and the required oil volume can be adjusted directly through machine settings. Monitoring of entire work cycle, including extruder position and par. A specific Cad-Cam software allows the import of Step files of the die, workpiece, pins and pin bushings and other relevant settings can be saved, such as the start/ stop sequences of the pins. In addition, the software enables the operator to emulate the machine cycle and then the relevant file can be transferred directly to the Forge Tronic press.
The press is available in different versions in order to meet the needs of different customers and reach various machine throughputs.
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