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Troughvibrator TV 60
Troughvibrator TV 60
Troughvibrator for Deburring, Grinding and Polishing
AVAtec GmbH
Barrel and vibratory finishing machines
Troughvibrator TV 60
Replaces the manual deburring - the economical solution to 1.5 square meters!

With the trough vibrator TV60 AVAtec has an economic and compact solution for Deburring, Edge rounding, Grinding, Smoothing and Polishing of small to medium batches or larger individual pieces (for example components needed in tool and mold making or maintenance).

It is possible to divide the trough into several different chambers for processing different workpieces, sensitive to impact, at the same time. The chamber separations can be arranged variable.
The timer, with frequency control of unbalance motor and dosing pump permits, allows an exact adaptation of the process to the particular workpieces.

It is possible to integrate an automatic or manual separation for plenty small workpieces. To save water and compound, Avatec offers a process water tank with a 3-stage cascade. It can be powered in circulation.
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