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BIAX in USA: IMTS 2016 starring Richard King

September 2016
Author: Filipp Pachomow
Company: Schmid & Wezel GmbH
BIAX in USA: IMTS 2016 starring Richard King

As the world's leading expert in deburring solutions, BIAX participated for the third time in a row in the IMTS 2016, the biggest metalworking show in the USA.

Many visitors used this possibility to update their knowledge about deburring solutions with BIAX. Especially automated deburring is getting more and more popular in the US. Therefore BIAX invited Matt Bush, cofounder of the system integrator "Hirebotics" (www.hirebotics.com), to join the BIAX booth with a specially custom-made deburring station, based on a Universal Robot. Find more infos about BIAX air tools for automated deburring here: http://www.biax-germany.com/en/produkte.php?category=druckluftspindeln

The VIP of the show was definitely scraping legend Richard King (photo: left). The scraping instructor (www.handscraping.com) is very famous in the scraping community and is reckoned as the man with the most sophisticated power scraping technique worldwide. Learn more about BIAX power scrapers here: http://www.biax-germany.com/en/produkte.php?category=schaber

A lot of visitors very also very impressed by the small and fast BIAX air grinders for finest deburring jobs (http://www.biax-germany.com/en/produkte.php?category=druckluftwerkzeuge&usage=schleifer).

All BIAX tools are distributed in the US by our distributor DAPRA (www.dapra.com).

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