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BIAX inspires at TROPHÉE INNOVATION 2016 in Paris - BIAX en France

April 2016
Author: Filipp Pachomow
Company: BIAX - Schmid & Wezel GmbH
BIAX inspires at TROPHÉE INNOVATION 2016 in Paris - BIAX en France

BIAX causes sensation with it's innovative RSC Modular System at the innovation competition "Trophée Innovation 2016" during France's most important industrial show "Salon Industrie" in Paris (Picture: Olivier Lerey, brand responsible at the French BIAX distributor AMDP ( www.amdp.fr).

The automatization of deburring procecess is progressing more and more in France, as the industry faces enormous pressure for improvement of productivity. This is why visitors crowded the BIAX booth in order to learn more about the advantages of the BIAX robot spindles. Especially the flexibility of the modular system was well received: you only pay for the elements you really need and choose from a huge variaty of spindles with different speed and shape, a compliance unit and all common adapters for robots and CNC machines. In case of a new application, you can adapt the RSC system with minimal costs to the new task.

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