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Flash Scraping Class with BIAX Power Scraper

August 2019
Author: Filipp Pachomow
Company: Schmid & Wezel GmbH
Flash Scraping Class with BIAX Power Scraper

Scraping with the BIAX power scraper or how to increase the efficiency in comparison to hand scraping by up to 70%.

Who: the company MASCHRATUR from Austria Where: BIAX booth at the EMO: Hall 3, booth-no. B01

When: on Thursday, 19.9.2019, 11:00 - 16:00

What: the different scraping techniques will demonstrated live with the BIAX power scrapers:

- maximum removal rate with the universal scraper heavy version (BS40)

- universal application of universal scraper medium version (BL40)

- scrape 40 points (and more) with the universal scraper light version (BL10)

- Slipcover (Turcite / Biplast) scraping with the BL10

- Pattern scraping with the halfmoon flaker (HM10)

- Grinding the blades on the prototype of the new blade grinding machine.

Your questions will be answered directly during the presentation. If you want you can also put your hands on.

The managing directors of Maschratur Franz and Stefan Lüftinger have 30 years of experience in overhauling and retrofitting classic machine tools. One of their core competencies is the high-precision scraping of sliding guides. Used to work with BIAX power scrapers since 25 years. For several years, they have been conducting joint training sessions in Europe with the legendary retrofit expert Richard King. They are the ambassadors of the "King Way of Scraping" philosophy in Europe.

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