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Postprocessing in additive manufacturing: deburring with BIAX

November 2016
Author: Filipp Pachomow
Company: Schmid & Wezel GmbH
Postprocessing in additive manufacturing: deburring with BIAX

No doubt, 3D printing is an industrial megatrend. Although, the process is about much more than only printing. The postprocessing, especially with metal workpieces, is not less important: first, the base plate has to be sawed off, then the part has to be deburred, cleaned and, if neccessary, finished.

3D printing became very popular for prototype construction and extremely complex parts (e.g. used in aviation, automotive, medicine). But the process is becoming more and more efficient, therefore it's application for small and middle series is growing.

The company Kläger from Kernen (close to Stuttgart) is specialising in postprocessing in additive manufacturing(www.3dcut.eu). Kläger is the leading manufacturer for special saws to saw off the base plate in an efficient way. But they offer also exhaust devices and deburring solutions.

Concerning deburring tools, Kläger is relying on BIAX air tools. Especially the fast turning small BIAX air grinders for fine and finest deburring jobs are unique.

All tools and solutions are exposed at the "Formnext" exhibition in Frankfurt / Main until the 18th of November 2016 at the booth of company Kläger (hall 3.1, booth B69).

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