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Air Turbine Spindle RBX
Precision tools & clamping technology > Tooling devices > Pressurized air spindles
Most problems associated with Micro-Machining are caused by poor dynamic runout of a machine spindle. We have established a runout measuring system that can detect spindle movement during rotation at high speed and achieved the best dynamic runout accuracy.

NEW: RBX12 up to 120'000 U/min
RBX7 up to 80'000 U/min
RBX5 up to 50'000 U/min

For Drilling and Milling from Ø 0.1 to 1.5mm on machines with HSK, SK or BT Spindle.

The Advantages of the Air Turbine RBX:
Saving power consumption

Compared with power consumption of a machine spindle, Air Turbine Spindle minimizes the loss of energy. Air pressure: 0.5 MPa, Air consumption: 200L/min. (e.g.: power output of a compressor: 2.2kW 250L/min.)
Low noise design (within 65 dB)

Air channels and turbine are optimized for low noise. Cutting noise of micro tools can be heard.
Automatic tool change

ATC type is available by supplying air via a stop block to enhance productivity with unmanned operatio
C-Cutter mini
Precision tools & clamping technology > Cutting tools > Ball nose end mills
The ultimative tool for chamfering, back chamfering and face milling.

C-Cutter mini is an ultra high feed chamfering mill with a compact design. This design reduces the cutting diameter to the lowest limit, helping to achieve ultra high spindle speeds and feeds. The C-Cutter Mini delivers multi-functional cutting, including chamfering, back chamfering and even light face milling. The C-Cutter mini is available in single insert and 4-insert designs.
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