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BIG KAISER Dyna Contact makes spindle taper inspection easy

Accurately identifies spindle damage and incorrect angles for superior machining results

BIG KAISER, a global leader in premium high-precision tooling systems and solutions for the metalworking industries, announces the Dyna Contact, a ceramic taper gauge that now makes it very easy to inspect machine spindle tapers at a glance.

The Dyna Contact taper gauge can be used to visually check the contact between the gauge and the spindle to quickly and easily determine the accuracy of a machine spindle taper. The operator simply applies a blue layout dye on to the gauge before inserting it into the machine spindle. The gauge is then removed to reveal any inconsistencies in the dye coverage, enabling the operator to quickly check the taper contact and determine whether the machine spindle will achieve a proper contact with tool holders.

If a machine spindle is damaged or has quality defects, this may lead to significant machining problems such as vibrations, concentricity inaccuracies and poor surface quality. These avoidable problems often result in premature tool wear and rejected products.

Marco Siragna, Head of Product Management at BIG KAISER, said, "The Dyna Contact is easy and quick to use and provides a straightforward visual indication of any problems. When operators regularly check their machine spindles, they avoid issues that could potentially reduce machining precision."

The Dyna Contact is made from a ceramic material, which exhibits a smaller coefficient of thermal expansion than metal, and is thus inherently more precise. The utilized ceramic is 10 times more wear resistant than steel, it does not rust or deteriorate with age. Furthermore, the bright white ceramic provides a much clearer background for spotting the dye color.

In addition to identifying machine spindle damage, the new Dyna Contact can also detect incorrect angles. In this situation, using the Dyna Contact instead of an ordinary shaft, eliminates the shaft as a potential cause of damage or incorrect angles.

Dyna Contact is available for 30 mm, 40 mm and 50 mm spindles and can be used for BBT (BT=JISB6339), BDV (DV=DIN69871) and BCV (CV = ANSI). The ceramic gauge comes protected in a practical aluminum storage case.

BIG KAISER strongly believes that the smooth interaction between all components is essential for achieving superior-quality machining results. Customers are thus encouraged to utilize the company's precise machine testing equipment, which, when used regularly for inspection of machine tools, can reliably prevent damage and noticeably improve process reliability.

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