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BIG KAISER Strengthens Its Custom Tool Portfolio

BIG KAISER is strengthening its commitment to providing a custom tool service in order to help its customers better meet their specific application requirements. 


BIG KAISER has an extensive portfolio of standard tools, with its latest catalogue listing more than 7000 products. Nevertheless, the company recognizes that not all demands can be met using standard products, so it also provides custom tools based on its existing range.


A typical example might be a boring tool with a non-standard angle or a tool combination such as a pin turning tool with fine tuning for a specific application. These custom tools are perfectly compatible with standard products, meaning that combining custom and regular tools is both straightforward and flexible.


“We all know that sometimes there’s simply no standard product that will do the job, and a custom tool is the only solution,” says Peter Elmer, CEO at BIG KAISER. “With our high quality, fully customized tools and a sales network that provides assistance to our customers with placing specific custom orders, we ensure that BIG KAISER always delivers the best possible all-round service.”


BIG KAISER’s Custom Tool Division is a part of the R&D Department and is located in the prototype production area. It has a dedicated three-person technical team for the production of custom tools, which are produced within three weeks of an order being placed.


To manufacture custom parts, the company uses the same machines as on its main production line, thereby ensuring that quality and reliability are always set at the same high levels as on the standard product portfolio. This includes a DMU 50 CNC universal milling machine, which runs independently of the standard production processes to ensure that custom tool production is not impacted by any issues on the main line.

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