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BIG-PLUS dual-contact spindle system licensed to more machine manufacturers

BIG KAISER announces that three more industry-leading machine manufacturers – Hurco, Spintrue and OMV – are now licensed to produce BIG-PLUS spindle and tooling systems, which provide a rigid dual-contact interface between the machine and the tools.

BIG-PLUS is superior to other spindle designs because it is the only system that provides simultaneous taper and flange contact between the machine spindle and the tool holder, which means that the connection between the machine and the tools is very robust.

This improves machining accuracy and repeatability due to better vibration damping and rigidity, and enables heavy duty and high speed cutting, while extending tool life. For example, in shoulder milling tests, BIG-PLUS reduced the deflection of the machining tool by 30%, compared with a conventional BT and DIN 69871 holder.

The system was invented by BIG KAISER’s parent company, BIG Daishowa. While other companies offer systems that claim to provide a flange and taper contact approach similar to that of BIG-PLUS, in practice the systems are not made to the appropriate tolerances, and may have insufficient accuracy to provide a solid contact. Using an unlicensed tool holder may result in a less robust connection and subsequent spindle damage, which may ultimately void the machine’s warranty.

“BIG-PLUS is the original and the best system for reliable dual contact between machine spindles and tool holders,” says Peter Elmer, CEO at BIG KAISER. “For machine manufacturers, recommending BIG-PLUS to their customers ensures robust operation and avoids the risk of damage to the machine.”

With BIG-PLUS, the taper makes contact first as the tool enters the machine spindle. Due to the pull-in force, the tool taper expands the spindle in the elastic range of the steel. The tool is then pulled further into the spindle until the tool flange reaches the surface of the spindle nose.

The tool holders are held to a fixed relationship between the gauge line and the face with a few microns tolerance. At this tolerance level, BIG KAISER can be sure that any BIG-PLUS tool put into any BIG-PLUS spindle will give the proper taper and face contact. Having the same dimensions as conventional BT and DIN 69871 holder, BIG-PLUS is fully interchangeable with existing accessories.

“Proper tooling precision requires gauging that is only provided to specific BIG-PLUS licensees,” explains Elmer. “Any tool holders that are not marked ‘Licensed BIG Daishowa’, have been made without this gauging, and may not have the correct relationship between the face and taper – which may result in no face contact, or permanent spindle damage.”

These three new companies announced today are joining a long list of over 120 leading manufacturers already making BIG-PLUS systems, including Bridgeport, Dixi, DMG Mori, Doosan, Enshu, Fanuc, G&L, Kitamura, MAG, Makino, Matsuura, Mazak, Milltronics, Mitsubishi, Mitsui Seiki, Niigata, OKK, Okuma, SNK, Toyoda and Yasda. This extensive list means that many customers may already have a BIG-PLUS compatible machine, without necessarily even being aware of it.

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