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KAISER’s MEGA Perfect Grip milling chuck eliminates pullout for manufacturers

KAISER Precision Tooling, a leader in premium high-precision tooling systems and solutions for the automotive, mil/aero, energy, medical and watch-making industries, today announced the MEGA Perfect Grip, a heavy duty milling chuck for heat resistant super alloys (HRSA) that eliminates end mill pullout under any torque load.

For manufacturers using milling chucks, pullout is a major issue, particularly when machining HRSAs such as titanium or Inconel. In demanding applications, such as in the energy and aerospace markets, there is a need for guaranteed security against pullout – ensuring there is no costly damage to parts, or delays in manufacturing processes.

Now, KAISER’s MEGA Perfect Grip combines the cutting performance of heavy-duty milling chucks, with the security against pullout of solid side lock tool holders. It provides high accuracy and fully concentric clamping.

A unique lock mechanism uses a key grip to prevent slip and pullout of the tool, even during heavy cutting. The key grip engages in the chuck body’s groove, and a spring maintains constant axial preload between the cutter and the internal groove. The key grip remains fixed so there is no slip even under high torque.

The key grip accepts standard Weldon flat milling cutters, and no special grinding of the milling cutter is required. The grip grooves provide channels for high volume coolant to reach the cutter, which is required in milling HRSAs to dissipate heat and to remove chips efficiently.

Whatever the application, KAISER’s MEGA Perfect Grip is simple to handle, and provides secure clamping – with rigidity close to that of an integral cutter.

“Pullout can be a big headache when working with HRSAs – costing time and money, and hitting manufacturers’ profitability,” says Peter Elmer, CEO of KAISER Precision Tooling. “This innovative chuck solves the problem completely, combining innovation with ease-of-use and industry standards.”

The MEGA Perfect Grip is available now.

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About KAISER Precision Tooling AG

Founded in 1948, KAISER designs, manufactures and markets premium high-precision tooling systems and solutions for the automotive, mil/aero, energy, and microtechnology industries such as medical, electronics and watch-making. Headquartered in Ruemlang, Switzerland, with subsidiaries in Germany and the USA, the company employs approximately 170 employees worldwide. The company’s sales network covers over 50 countries. The product portfolio is 100% Swiss made and comprises more than 20,000 modular precision boring tools, which adhere to the highest quality standards. A trendsetter in precision, performance, innovation and service, KAISER is proud of its in-house production of digital displays and direct electronic measuring systems for digital precision boring heads to ensure absolute setting accuracy and eliminate operating errors.

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