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LS5: today's choice, a step towards tomorrow

ADIGE-SYS offers LS5, a system exclusively dedicated to sheet laser cutting. After many successful combined tube-sheet processing systems, ADIGE-SYS is choosing to provide top-notch performance for sheet-only applications and has created the LS5 with performance as one of its strengths.

Levico Terme, in January 2016. The LS5 is the result of over a decade of sheet laser cutting experience in high-performance systems with ergonomic technical layouts implementing innovative automation and technology solutions.

Two versions of the LS5 are available - 3000x1500 mm and 4000x2000 mm - both of which have a very compact, flexible layout to adapt to all clearance requirements. A longitudinal pallet changer can be chosen for a long, narrow arrangement or a crosswise layout can be picked for a shorter, more compact machine. In both cases, the machine is easy to access through fully opening doors on the long side.

Automation accessories for automatic sheet loading/unloading from starting from a single package are available in alternative to storage tower for automatically extracting sheet packs.

The LS5 system is available with CO2 laser source of power up to 4.5 kW or fibre laser source of power up to 5 kW. Process reliability and cutting quality are guaranteed by a comprehensive cutting parameter database which collects years of practical field experience.

The design of the next-generation laser fibre source cutting focusing head is based on the experience and specific needs of this type of technology. The focusing lens drive system can withstand high accelerations and has a focus range up to 32 mm. Many process control sensors make cutting extremely reliable and safe in all working conditions.

The fully automated nozzle changer is a useful help when very high levels of automation are needed and pallet stores are used for unmanned cycle operation.

The centring assist system is useful, simple and reliable. Operators are relieved from the burden of approximation or inaccuracy when checking nozzle centring, this being a crucial step for good cutting quality.

The LS5 is a sheet-only cutting system which is open to major transformations at a later time after installation allowing it to be coupled to a tube processing system.

With this opportunity, the LS5 goes beyond the combined system concept by offering two physically separate, modular systems which share a laser cutting focusing head controlling it as needed combined in a single system capable of operating at top level for cutting metal sheets and tubes.


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