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Sustainability pays off

Roemheld: Intelligent hydraulic power units - The efficient way to clamp

September 2013
Author: Schäfer-Baehre
Company: Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e.V.
Roemheld: Intelligent hydraulic power units - The efficient way to clamp

Due to the proactive pressure cut-off, the ROEMHELD hydraulic power units only require energy during the clamping process

The challenge in terms of sustainability:

The power workholding specialist ROEMHELD develops innovative products for workpiece clamping as efficient, flexible and precise as possible. The solutions adjust to the individual customer requirements and thus guarantee a high-quality and economic production.

The initial situation:

Many hydraulic power units operate inefficiently. Continuously-running pumps require unnecessary energy, create heat and lead to an increased wear of the components.

The solution:

The intelligent hydraulic power units on the one hand obtain high pressures at high speed with low engine power, thus using the motor efficiently. Even more important: The motor of the power unit only runs for a few seconds: to build up the operating pressure and to extend and retract the clamping cylinder. For this purpose ROEMHELD has developed an intelligent control with a digital pressure switch (Image 2), that switches off the motor in a proactive way when the continuously adjustable pressure is built up so that this pressure will be achieved with minimum energy consumption. This technology is unique and protected.

The sustainable strengths:

The innovative hydraulic power units consume 170 kWh with 1,700 hours of runtime per year, and thereby only a fraction of the conventional power units. In addition, the energy savings are noticeable by a low heat generation and thus reduced wear of the components. The increased availability of power units and the attainable shorter clamping times lead to longer machine times. Even a plus of one-percent increases the machine time per year by 17 hours.

The inventor:

Dr. Winfried Ehrhardt, shareholder and member of the Board of Management of ROEMHELD

Brief profile of the company:

Name: Römheld GmbH
Headquarters: Laubach
Year established: 1963
Employees: 450
Solutions: productive solutions in the industrial manufacturing technology, assembly technology, power workholding and drive technology
Internationality:  Worldwide, own subsidiaries in Great Britain, France, the United States, Japan, and South Korea, and 48 sales partners in 50 countries
URL: www.roemheld-gruppe.de

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