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Sustainability pays off

WITTENSTEIN at EMO and Motek 2013

July 2013
Author: Schäfer-Baehre
Company: Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e.V.
WITTENSTEIN at EMO and Motek 2013

"efficiency engineering" – the art of designing efficiency and designing efficiently
EMO: WITTENSTEIN AG – Hall 25, Stand F25
MOTEK: WITTENSTEIN AG – Hall 9, Stand 9121
When the WITTENSTEIN Group exhibits this fall at two flagship trade fairs – EMO (September 16 to 21, 2013 in Hanover) and Motek (October 7 to 10, 2013 in Stuttgart) – WITTENSTEIN alpha GmbH, the biggest subsidiary, will take advantage to unveil its new, sustainable corporate principle: "efficiency engineering". As an expert partner in the global marketplace, the company will show several novel products which meet the criteria for the new "efficiency engineering" principle.
Customers in the international markets seek expert partners offering not only a suitable technology portfolio but also global presence, responsiveness, support and services. The focus is not confined to innovative and powerful products; optimized machine concepts, control technology, software, tools and processes are equally in demand. WITTENSTEIN alpha has now bundled many of its distinctive attributes, already widely established in the market, in a strong corporate principle and a recognizable characteristic – "efficiency engineering". All effectiveness and efficiency aspects of WITTENSTEIN alpha products, systems and solutions which are based on efficient engineering services and efficient processes – both in production and in partnerships with customers – are now combined under the "efficiency engineering" umbrella. "efficiency engineering" by WITTENSTEIN alpha is our customers' guarantee that the company has placed this corporate principle and claim on a firm footing with a series of internal organizational and technological measures which are continuously optimized.
"efficiency engineering": efficiency on all levels
One good example of "efficiency engineering" is the redesigned rack installation technique at WITTENSTEIN alpha. Value oriented development in cooperation with customers has resulted in a modified attachment method which can halve the time required to fix racks to the machine bed.
New bevel gearhead family pushes up the industry standard
WITTENSTEIN alpha's new bevel gearheads likewise unite a whole set of "efficiency engineering" aspects. 20% more nominal torque, 30% better acceleration torques and nominal speeds plus even less torsional backlash are just a few of the performance highlights with which these right-angle gearheads exceed the current industry standard. The innovative design of the SC, SPC and TPC gearhead types is not simply space saving, pleasing to the eye and energy efficient; this trio also impresses with its quiet, synchronous running.
TP+ 2000 HIGH TORQUE rounds off the performance portfolio at the high end
The new TP+ 2000 HIGH TORQUE for acceleration torques up to 22,000 Nm rounds off WITTENSTEIN alpha's top-performing portfolio of low-backlash planetary gearheads. High power density coupled with very good precision and positioning accuracy adds up to optimal performance. Like TP+ 4000 HIGH TORQUE, TP+ 2000 HIGH TORQUE is also available in a right-angle version. They both reduce the overall length of the powertrain, so that the machine fits perfectly even when space is restricted and only a very small footprint is available.

WITTENSTEIN AG press chat at EMO 2013
When? Tuesday, September 17, 2013, from 3:30 to 4 p.m.
Where? WITTENSTEIN AG, Hall 25, Stand F25
Subject: WITTENSTEIN alpha GmbH: "efficiency engineering"
Speakers: Johannes Arnold, General Manager WITTENSTEIN alpha GmbH, and Axel Leidner, Head of Product Management, WITTENSTEIN alpha GmbH
Texts and photographs in printable quality can be downloaded from http://www.wittenstein.de/presse.html.


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