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2014-12-19 11:22 | 80 calls
Functional integration is not only a buzzword. Behind it are facts that demonstrate how savings can be made in energy and materials. At Fakuma 2014 the Blue Competence Alliance Members show that this makes economic sense for their customers.
Whether in the manufacture of injection moulding machines, in ultrasonic welding, in shredding plants or in extrusion, functional integration knows no limits and can be reinterpreted over and again for greater efficiency. This applies to both, the production process and the finished component.
Functional integration is not meant to end in itself. It is necessary to realize new product designs, such as lightweight construction or hybrid components, both emerging in response to market requirements. Moreover, it helps to improve the economic efficiency of the production process.
With their exhibits at Fakuma 2014 in Friedrichshafen, Blue Competence Alliance Members show what functional integration can look like in plastics and rubber machinery manufacturing and how it saves energy and resources. The Blue Rider – a small Playmobil toy – shows the way.

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