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BTT Bosetti Tech Transfer


BTT Bosetti Tech Transfer
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Machining Center - Universal MATSUURA MAM 72-25V APC10

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  • Reference number 1070-400063
    Manufacture Year 2007
    Operation Hours not applicable
  • Metal working machine
  • Machining centres
  • Machining centres (Universal)
  • x-travel:550 mm
    y-travel:410 mm
    z-travel:450 mm
    control:Fanuc 30 iM
    Spindle RPM:15000 1/min
    spindle drive:15/7,5 kW
    Torque:95,4 Nm
    c-axis:360.000 x 0,001°
    b-axis:+10.000/ -110.000x0,001°
    rapid travel x/y/z:50 / 50 / 50 m/min
    Feed x/y/z:50 / 50 / 50 m/min
    workpiece height max.:250 mm
    max. workpiece diameter:250 mm
    Pallet diameter:130 mm
    tool magazin::180 BT 40 BigPlus
    tool diameter:80 mm
    Tool diameter with no neighbouring tools:150 mm
    tool length - max.:300 mm
    weight of tools max.:10 kg
    program memory:0,5 MB
    Registrered programs:1000
    dimensions of the machine ca.:6,55 x 4,2 x 3,26 m
    total power requirement:88 kVA
    weight of the machine ca.:15 t
    Registered programs:1000
    No. of free M-functions:8
    Coolant through spindle 70 bar with filter:Knoll
    Measuring probe for work piece:Renishaw MP 10
    offsets for parts:306
    Air filter:LTA AC 3001-R

    The Matsuura MAM 72-25V APC10 YOM 2007 is a full 5 axis universal machining center with turning and swiveling table and vertical spindle. It is in excellent maintenance condition, and was initially installed in 2012.
    The x-travel is 550mm, the y-travel is  410 mm and the z-travel is 450 mm.
    The control is a Fanuc 30 iM. The pallet dia. is 130 mm, maximum workpiece height is 250 mm while the maximum diameter is 250 mm and a max. weight of 150 kg. The tool magazine is a 180 BT 40 BigPlus. Tools are allowed to have a maximum diameter of 96 mm, but may got a diameter of 175 mm if there is no neighboring tools. Tools may have a weight of max. 10 kg. The max. RPM of the machine is  15000 1/min
    The spindle drive has an output of 15/7,5kW while the torque is 95,4 Nm.
    The rapid travel x/y/z is 50 / 50 / 50 m/min, the maximum feed is 50 / 50 / 50 m/min.
    Pallets on the twin pallet changer are sized 500 x 500 mm.
    Tool measuring and breakage detection is done by a Blum Laser.
    Automatic zero point adjusting and automatic cutting power control is possible with this machine.
    Measuring probe for work piece is a Renishaw MP 10.
    Coolant through spindle works with a 70 bar Knoll high pressure coolant system with paper filter.
    There is a coolant shower and a coolant gun.
    The program memory has got space of 0,5 MB and register for 1000 programs 
    The machine comes with polar coordinate input G15/G16 and a Macroprogram G 65-G67 which allows 100 variables.
    The total power requirement of the machine  88kVA. The weight of the machine is 15t. A Signal lamp in 3 colors shows the current status of the machine.
    The integrated air filter is a LTA AC 3001-R.
    A Rotoclear window is integrated.

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