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BTT Bosetti Tech Transfer


BTT Bosetti Tech Transfer
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Rotary Table NIKKEN 5 AX-200 4MT-120-FA

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  • Reference number 1070-900179
    Manufacture Year 1995
    Operation Hours not applicable
  • Metal working machine
  • Accessories, Tooling accessories, Welding
  • Rotary tables, circular
  • table diameter:120 mm
    table load:60 kp
    table height:307 mm
    spindle distance:120 mm
    centre height:175 mm
    speeds of rotary table:0-22,2 1/min
    height of table with axispos. vertical:250 mm
    Rotary speed tilt axis:11,1 1/min
    weight of the machine ca.:200 kg
    dimensions of the machine ca.:1000x307x364(492) mm

    2 - axis CNC rotary table with synchroneus 4-spindle 120 mm tables
    Cables and hydraulic system for axis clamping come with the unit.
    Fit for Fanuc control but can be changed to fit other controls with 4th and 5th axis

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