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Friedrich Britsch Products

Metrology & quality assurance

Measuring instruments

Mini-Präzisions-Schraubstock zum Messen
Mini-Präzisions-Schraubstock zum Messen
Measuring instrument, general
Friedrich Britsch GmbH & Co. KG
Measuring instruments, general
The advantages at a glance:

-Easy clamping of parts to be tested for the optical and mechanical measurement.
-Ideal for the measurement of enemy deer parts.
-Multiple Prism shots for part diameters.
-JAWS hardened stainless steel JAWS also in plastic available.

Available in 3 different sizes:

SHMINI 1:15 x 15 x 50 mm
Brass chrome plated, angular accuracy 0,02 mm
Span/depth: 14 mm / 8 mm

SHMINI 2:25 x 25 x 75 mm
Matt anodized aluminium, angle accuracy 0,02 mm
Span/depth: 23 mm / 15 mm

SHMINI 3:35 x 35 x 100 mm
Matt anodized aluminium, angle accuracy 0,02 mm
Span/depth: 32 mm / 21 mm

Also available as a complete set in a practical case.
The box set includes the vices of sizes 1, 2, and 3 including each a set of JAWS in steel,
Plastic and ground as a Prism.
Various vise stand available upon request.

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