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Bungard Elektronik


Bungard Elektronik GmbH & Co.KG
Rilkestr. 1
51570 Windeck
+49 (0)2292 5036
+49 (0)2292 6175

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About us

Complete PCB production in a small space

At first glance, all the Bungard equipment looks like a production of printed circuit boards in Legoland format. But on closer inspection, the viewer learns that the manufacturer has made a lot of thoughts when he created a production line in this magnitude.

Those, who want to just quickly realize one or more copies of a specific circuit or make a field test, those fellows will be most certainly customers of the Bungard Elektronik - universities, engineering companies, service providers but also development departments of large production companies – shortly everybody, who designs printed circuit boards. At the beginning of the 60 years company founder Heinz Bungard in Leverkusen considered opportunities for further development in the young industry of printed circuits. It was his idea to equip the copper sheet of a pcb with a UV-light sensitive fotocoat and so he is considered to be one of the inventors of the world-wide-known presensitized PCBs. The Presensitized Base Material is still the major column of the Bungard product portfolio.
In addition, the company has developed into a reliable and important partner as a supplier for the PCB manufacturing companies. When Bungard started production and distribution of the Presensitized Base Material, they were already thinking about supplying small-scale processing equipment for all customers of the Bungard base material.
This market segment was so far totally ignored; e.g. it was impossible to obtain small etching machines or exposure units.
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