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Castrol Techniclean XBC a new approach to precision metalworking cleaning!

Techniclean: A new Approach to precision Metalwork Cleaning

Industrial cleaning is intrinsic to metalworking processes, yet leads to high levels of cleaning waste and excessive water consumption. Techniclean helps reduce both.

Every metalworking process requires an industrial cleaning phase after machining. Yet coolants inevitable pass into cleaning fluids, reducing bath life and leading to waste. Techniclean solves this problem through its ability to be recycled back into metalworking systems without compromising machining quality.

The Techniclean family of solvent- and water-based cleaners enables precision cleaning of metalworked parts in a wide range of cleaning systems.

While other industrial cleaners can only be discarded, cleaners such as Techniclean XBC can be cycled back to the coolant system without causing performance issues.

This reduces waste volume, as Techniclean is constantly being reused. It also enables lower water consumption, and lower operating costs, thanks to the reduction in waste processing and clean water usage.

When the cleanliness of components after process cleaning is paramount, but you also need to reduce water consumption, machining and cleaning process costs, Techniclean helps make it happen.

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