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Democratizing Simulation: What Changes for Engineers?

For a long time, simulation was a side show that had to hold its own against plenty of prejudice and doubt. But now that computer simulation has become widely accepted as a virtual test lab, and given the constant need to accelerate the product development process, computing departments are faced with a whole new set of challenges. Driven by buzzwords like simulation-driven design and systems engineering, product optimization pressures are piling up problems and demands on simulation experts faster than HR can respond.

New topical fields – and correspondingly new methodologies – have to be developed even as the daily workload rises because physical testing has been replaced almost entirely by simulation.

Additionally, there are unavoidable iteration loops in the interaction between the engineers and simulation experts. This means that businesses have to concentrate their computing resources on key components.

The result: Aspirations regarding a holistic view of component assemblies as well as innovation and creativity across the design process often have to take a back seat to traditional dimensioning based on experience and gut feeling.

Read the full article about Democratizing Simulation in the CENIT Newsroom.

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