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Machining solutions by SPK® for industrial sectors

July 2019
Author: CeramTec
Company: CeramTec GmbH
Machining solutions by SPK® for industrial sectors

Use of SPK® Cutting Materials and Tool Systems in Industrial Manufacturing

To meet industrial manufacturers’ demanding requirements, CeramTec offers the right machining solutions in the fields of automotive engineering, aerospace, the transmission and bearing industry, mechanical engineering and wind power.

CeramTec provides industrial manufacturers with a wide range of ultra-modern cutting materials, coatings, cutting geometries and tool carrier systems to help solve their machining challenges. This technology enables the industrial sector to manufacture products characterized by the highest possible precision, tight tolerance ranges and perfectly coordinated surface qualities.

Vehicle Industry
SPK® precision tools from CeramTec have been an integral part of highly productive component machining solutions in the vehicle industry for over 50 years with a constant focus on delivering real cost and productivity advantages.

Engine Industry
The high-performance materials used in the engine industry demand cutting materials that guarantee highest process reliability and a consistent level of quality – all requirements that SPK® products ideally fulfill.

Machining components for the transportation industry often require customized solutions in order to achieve economically viable machining results – solutions like those offered by SPK® tools and cutting materials.

Agricultural and Construction Machines
We offer highly efficient machining solutions for agricultural and construction machine components. Our spectrum of solutions includes soft machining of steels and machining of cast iron and hardened workpieces.

SPK® Machining Applications have been an integral part of highly productive machining solutions for automotive industry components for over 50 years.

Aerospace applications place some of the highest demands on metalworking. Machining performance and process reliability are decisive parameters in this field. CeramTec serves this application segment with LST 320 cutting grades and tools with high-pressure coolant supply.

Machine and Plant Engineering
Economical production of these oftentimes complex components made from various materials with maximum precision and superior surface structures is part of the requirements profile for which CeramTec develops innovative, cost effective machining solutions together with customers.

Transmission, Drive and Bearing Industry
Surface finishes, tolerances and the service life of the cutting materials used are the factors that influence hard turning. CeramTec effectively satisfies these with the unique SPK® cutting material range comprising both PcBN and ceramic materials with matching tools.

Wind Power
Components for use in wind power usually require special machining solutions since large components are often machined. Tight tolerances and high-quality surface finishes demand the highest standards for cutting materials and tool heads.

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