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Cimotec Automatisierung

Professional Equipment


Cimotec Automatisierung GmbH
Zur Startbahn 18
54634 Bitburg
+49 (0)6561 6023-0
+49 (0)6561 6023-98

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About us

Since 1992, the CIMOTEC Automatisierung GmbH has been a guarantor of quality and reliability. In Bitburg we develop and produce intelligent automation solutions in the field of surface treatment (grinding, polishing, burring, and brushing) with industrial robots or CNC machines. Being one of the leading and most innovative enterprises in Europe not only do we possess extensive expertise but we can also document the quality of our machines based on a variety of reference installations in various branches of industry.

Our worldwide clientele operate in diverse fields:

• Automotive technology
• Utility vehicle technology
• Air- and space technology
• Sanitation
• Medical technology
• Furniture
• Household goods
• Metal Fittings
• Weapons technology
• Tools
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