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CNC-STEP Products

We bring precision to the point.

Air protection systems and components

CNC Suction adapter / Dust collector for vacuum cleaner
CNC Suction adapter / Dust collector for vacuum cleaner
Exhaust system
Exhaust systems
3004 0001
Dust collector / dust Adapter for our High-Z and many other CNC-milling machines

A fitting, quick-to-mount suction adapter for every CNC-milling machine / portal milling machine with tool holders measuring a diameter of D=43 H7
This small suction system/ dust adapter for a vacuum cleaners makes sure, that there is no formation of dust on or around your work-piece during normal milling operations with various materials.

Therefor a high standard of cleanliness is given without annoying cleansing after and particulary during milling- or engraving process. Unnecessary dust formation is eliminated for both, machine and all ist components.

You save time cleaning the machine and work simply more professional.
  • Suction System High-Z
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Other equipment for safety and environment

Safety Enclosures / Housings
Safety Enclosures / Housings
Workshop safety device
Workshop safety devices
Safety Enclosures / Housings
In order to ensure the safety of the machine operators and meet the CE specifications, we have available suitable enclosures for each of our CNC machines. For the High-Z series, the illustrated enclosures are provided.

These can be purchased optionally with or without underframe. Depending on customer requirements, transparent or non-opaque elements (e.g. for the back) can be used. Safety switches are integrated which switch off the machine when opening the housing.

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