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We bring precision to the point.

Streifenlichtscanner Shining-3D EinScan-SE
Streifenlichtscanner Shining-3D EinScan-SE
Scanner, 3D-Scanners, Laserscanners, Handyscan
Scanner, 3D-Scanners, Laserscanners, Handyscan
Windows 7, 8, oder 10 (64 bit)
Intel Dual Core i5 Prozessor oder höher
mindestens Nvidia 1GB oder Grafikkarte mit vergleichbarer Leistung
8 GB oder mehr
57 cm
57 cm
21 cm
maximal 5 kg
ply, stl, asc, obj
von 8 Sekunden bis 2 Minuten
Scan objects from immediately easy 3D and issue the data to a CNC file directly.
The shining – 3D EinScan-SE Strip light scanner system lets you create complete all-round scans in best quality.

The operation of the system is simple and fast and also has a high accuracy.

The scan is included turntable for small and medium-sized objects or also a free scan by hand in large objects with the included possible.

The white light, which is emitted from the light source, is not harmful to the human eye.

Before the scan the objects to be scanned must be sprayed, if they have a dark, transparent or reflective surface, scan powder, to ensure a precise data acquisition. As for the Strip light scanning a well recognizable patterns of white light is essential.


-3D Scaneinheit
-Rotary arm and turntable
-Calibration plate
-Data and power cables
-Quick Start Guide
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