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Condacam Products

Software and Hardware

Software for manufacturing

Condacam LT
Condacam LT
CAM software
CAM software
Condacam LT
CondaCam3.1-LT is the basic version of the CondaCam software with reduced functionality. CondacamLT is an exceptionally affordable and powerful 2D/3D cam for the beginner with 15 machining strategies including HSC/HPC pocketing, drilling, thread milling, 2.5D milling and 3D milling +3D simulation with virtual material removal. For tool path generation, CondaCam uses a process exclusive to high quality cam software. This feature is a guarantee for highest precision and shape accuracy of the generated tool paths.

In the following you will find a short overview of the functional range of CondaCamLT:

Cad data / import formats
IGES , STL , DXF , 3DS , PLY , RAW (optionally available: STEP, Parasolid, SAT, VDA)

Machining strategies:

2D/2.5D milling and drilling:
- Zero contour/engraving
- 2.5D face milling
- 2.5D profile machining
- 2.5D pocket machining
- 2.5D rest machining
- HSC/HPC pocket machining
- External and internal thread milling
- Output of cutter radius correction G41/G42
- Drilling with chip breaking
- Deep hole drilling
- Drilling / reaming
- Drill milling (circular pockets)
- Nesting/boxing

3D milling:
- Z-plane roughing
- Z-plane finishing
- Contour Parallel Finishing
- Circular finishing
- Circular spiral finishing
- Rectangular spiral finishing

Translated with DeepL
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Condacam - Postprozessoren
Condacam - Postprozessoren
Data processing systems
CAM software
Condacam - Postprozessoren
For the adaptation of CNC-programs to the machine post processors can be generated quickly and easily with the integrated post processor assistant c. Additionally existing post processors can be loaded and edited into the assistant.
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