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DATRON neo - Official Product Video

2020-03-26 07:32 | 23 calls
Visit www.datron-neo.com for more info. DATRON neo was specifically designed and purpose-built to give you an easy and affordable entrée to high-speed milling. This Plug-and-Play system features the new DATRON next software which gives you full control of 3-axis milling without requiring years of experience as a machinist. Ergonomic, frontal access to the work area allows for quick and safe setup of workpieces. With a Smartphone-like (touch screen) interface the command of fast and precise machining is literally at your fingertips. All of this and DATRON neo actually fits through a standard door!

For the first time, a CNC machine combines an interior camera and a multi-touch screen. The camera substitutes the time-consuming task of entering data to measure the workpiece. Using your finger directly on the touchscreen, smart-sketch recognition maps the geometries. An app-style software interface, similar to the ones on Smartphones, quickly guides you through the milling process.

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