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Degen Maschinenbau


Degen Maschinenbau GmbH
Litzelbergstraße 12
72355 Schömberg
+49 7427 9491-0
+49 7427 9491-11

Route planner

Route planner

Service Spectrum: Represented in 6 categories

Machine tools
Drilling machines
Deep hole drilling and boring machines
Grinding machines
Horizontal spindle surface grinding machines
Universal surface grinding machines
Sawing and cutting-off machines
Cutting-off machines
Honing, lapping and polishing machines
Honing machines
Sheet metal cutting machines
Length cutting machines

About us

If you want to survive on the market in the long term, you need more than hard work and good ideas. You have to understand your customers' requirements precisely, implement them precisely and think long-term. With almost fifty years of experience, Degen Werkzeugmaschinen has successfully positioned itself as a reliable manufacturer of high-quality tools and efficient technologies in the fields of high-speed honing machines, surface grinding machines and deep hole drilling machines.

We owe a substantial part of our success to our strong innovative strength - which is why we are modestly proud that our newly developed honing machines are currently the fastest machines on the world market. For us, this is the best incentive to continue to set new trends and develop successful solutions for our customers.

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