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  • Literature
    12.12.2014 11:00 von Ralf Reines
    Herbert Utz Verlag has published extensive documentation on this subject: Installationstechnik an Werkzeugmaschinen - Analysen und Konzepte, ISBN 3-931327-79 ...
  • DESINA is safe, even without PE
    28.11.2014 12:53 von Ralf Reines
    PELV - Protective Extra Low Voltage DESINA is safe, even without PE (Protective Earth)...               ...with PELV (Protective ...
  • Connection technology - plug connectors and cable technology
    25.11.2014 12:52 von Ralf Reines
    All sensors and actuators in the field are installed with cables fitted with prefabricated M12 plugs (without integrated LEDs). The field bus components are generally coupled ...
  • Decentralised motor output technology, integrated into motor
    21.11.2014 12:51 von Ralf Reines
    Integration of the feeder technology into uncontrolled 3-phase motors requires decentralisation throughout: Electronic interfacing Max. output 5kW (also applies to ...
  • Locally configured I/O module, securely isolated
    18.11.2014 12:51 von Ralf Reines
    The configurable DESINA I/O modules with high degree protection are connected to an open field bus system with the hybrid-field bus plug. independent of bus ...

About us

DESINA is an abbreviation for DistributEd and Standardised INstAllation technology for machine tools and manufacturing systems. DESINA is a specification for standardising electric, hydraulic and pneumatic components and their interconnection on one common platform for CNC controlled machine tools and manufacturing systems.

With DESINA you can limit the cost increasing and availability reducing variety of electric and fluidic installation on machinery and plants. DESINA specifies the overall installation system together with the required components to achieve a unique distributed control system independent from specific field-bus protocols and capable to operate in severe environments. Therefore DESINA is not another field-bus specification. WithDESINA compliant products changing from one field-bus technology to the other does not mean a re-engineering for the installation. All main field peripherals are derived from known and already proven technologies and are available now with compliant specification and harmonised interfaces.

The German Machine Tool Builders' Association (VDW) contracted a research and development project "Installation Technology in Machine Tools" to the Institute for Machine Tools and Economics (iwb) at the Technical University of Muenchen. The working group assisting the project consisted of representatives from the car manufacturing industry as well as component suppliers and machine tool industry. On the following pages you will find besides the technical information and specifications also important results from the survey about the economical benefits of DESINA.



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