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DMG MORI Products

Laser eroding machines

LASERTEC 50 Shape Femto
LASERTEC 50 Shape Femto
Laser eroding machine
DMG MORI Global Marketing GmbH
Laser eroding machines
LASERTEC 50 Shape Femto
500 mm
460 mm
700 mm
Machine control
Generation of high-end surfaces in high-performance materials up to Ra <0.1 µm with femtosecond laser

5-axis laser precision machine for complex prototypes as well as special processing
made of carbide, powder-metal steels, ceramics and other advanced materials.
  • Linear drives with acceleration > 1 g
  • Highly dynamic torque motors in both rotary axes (B- and C-axis)
  • Compact machine design with only 4 m² footprint

Best machine features for high-end machining

  • Tunable laser source with variable pulse length and burst modes
  • High positioning accuracy of ≤ 8 μm
  • CCD camera and 3D measuring probe for fast setup

3D laser ablation for the production of miniature molds, extrusion dies, inscriptions and engravings

  • Contact-free machining without need of electrodes and without tool wear
  • Highest repeatability and reproducability
  • Machining of standard materials up to Advanced materials like glass, ceramics and tungsten carbide
  • Surface qualities up to Ra < 0,1 µm in carbide tools
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