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DMG MORI Global Marketing GmbH
80807 München
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CLX 450 (Reference-Nr. 071429)

Asking price

  • Reference number 071429
    Manufacture Year 2018
    Operation Hours not applicable
  • Metal working machine
  • Lathes
  • CNC lathes (4 or more axes)
  • Siemens

  • General
    2 Axes Universal Turning Machine - tool drive - C axis - Y axis; Control: DMG MORI Slimline Multi-Touch
    Working area
    Swing diameter over guide ways 650 mm
    Swing diameter over transverse guideway 465 mm
    Turning diameter 315 mm
    Bar diameter max. 80 mm
    Slide 1
    Longitudinal stroke 600 mm
    Transverse stroke 267,5 mm
    Y axis, vertical +/- 60 mm
    Rapid traverse in X 30 m/min
    Rapid traverse in Z 30 m/min
    Rapid traverse in Y 10 m/min
    Tool holder 1
    Number of tool stations 12
    Shank diametre according to DIN 69880 40 mm
    Number of driven tools 12
    Speed max. -4000 rpm
    Power max. (40% DC) 5,44 kW
    Main drive 1
    Drive power (100% DC) 17 kW
    Drive power (40% DC) 25,5 kW
    Speed range - 4000 rpm
    Torque (100% DC) 283 Nm
    Max. torque (40% DC) 426 Nm
    C-Axis Speed -100 rpm
    Torque of C-Axis (holding torque) 370 Nm
    Floor space/Weight
    Dimensions (L x W x H) 3,0 x 2,66 x 1,94 (4,18 x 2,66 x 1,94) m
    Weight approx. 5800 Kg

  • Bar Package CTX 450 ecoline Bar Package & Bar interface: - part catcher, for parts up to D 75 x 200 mm (D 2.95 x 7.874 in), max. component weight 4 kg (8.8 lbs.) - interface for bar feeder or bar loading device - chip conveyor instead of chip tank - 4-colour signal lamp (bar capa
    Mechanical oil mist extractor 600 m³/h Mechanical oil mist extractor type AFS 600 600 m³/h with dirtiness indicator. Class of filtration H13 Price including preparation for extractor.
    Double cartridge filter for coolant Double Cartridge Filter for Coolant Options includes two filters placed on the coolant distributor. When one filter is stocked, operator can manually switched the coolant flow for second filter and clean or change plugged filter in the meantime. Note:
    BFU 8/20 bar, 600 l Compact coolant system, consisting of: - coolant tank, 600 litre/158.5 gal, - 8 bar/20 litre/min and 20 bar/25 litre/min (theoretical pump performance) (116.psi/5.2 gal/min and 290 psi/6.6 gal/min) - programmable via M-functions - coolant supp
    Direct measuring system for X-Axis Direct measuring system for X-Axis Note: Option suitable only for machine in V1, V3 and V4 version
    Tool pre-setting probe manual Tool pre-setting probe
    Clamping with balanced pressure for main spindle Clamping with balanced pressure for main spindle with standard hydraulic cylinder. Max. bar capacity: D 80 mm
    Bar Feeder KID 80/16, from IEMCA Bar feeder KID 80/16, from IEMCA, Bar capacity D80 Bar Pusher D=12 mm (for bar diameter between 5 - 12mm) Bar Pusher D=15 mm (for bar diameter between 10 - 19mm) Bar Pusher D=21 mm (for bar diameter between 16- 60mm) Bar Pusher D=26 mm (for bar diamete
    Alternative Speed Turning Technology cycle Alternating Speed (Turning) Technology cycle for the application of an alternating speed for vibration sensitive set-ups.

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