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NLX 4000|1500 (Reference-Nr. 071545)

Asking price

  • Reference number 071545
    Manufacture Year 2020
    Operation Hours not applicable
  • Metal working machine
  • Lathes
  • CNC lathes (4 or more axes)
  • Mitsubishi

  • General
    CNC Turning Centre; Control: Control M730UM with CELOS
    Max machining diameter 1000 mm
    Drive power main spindle 37/30 kW
    Rapid feed X / Z 30/30 m/min
    Input precision of C-axis on Mainspindle 0,001 degree
    Movements X / Z 365/1685 mm
    Number of tool stations 10
    Speed max. -2000 rpm
    Bar diameter max. 117 mm
    Swing- Ø, max. 780 mm
    Max. Turning Length 1538 mm
    Weight approx. 13500 Kg

  • CELOS - ERGOline Touch CELOS - ERGOline Touch to facilitate machine operation incl. 21.5 ERGOline Touch ® control with multi touch screens Uniform management, documentation and visualization of order, process - and machine data Networkable with CAD / CAM User friendly and p
    (Spindle 1) Standard spindle 37/30 kW, 2,000min-1 (Spindle 1) Standard Spindle 37/30 kW (50/40 HP), 2,000 min-1 Max. spindle speed: 2,000 min-1 Spindle nose type: JIS A2-11 Through-spindle hole diameter: Ø145 mm (dia.5.71 inch.) Spindle drive motor: 37/30 kW (50/40 HP) (30 min/cont) Spindle torque: 1,91
    Chuck high/low pressure system for spindle 1 (SK-OP) Spindle 1 Chuck High/Low Pressure System The chuck pressure of spindle 1 can be switched between the two pre-set levels. Also, it is possible to switch the clamping force according to the machining conditions. The chuck pressure is switched using the M
    (Spindle 1) KITAGAWA 18in. Hollow Chuck B-18A1121D (Spindle 1) KITAGAWA 18-inch Hollow Chuck B-18A1121D (Through Spindle Hole Ø145 mm (Dia.5.71 inch.)) Three-jaw hydraulic chuck manufactured by Kitagawa Iron Works. Chuck outer diameter: Ø450 mm (dia.17.72 inch.) Through-hole diameter: Ø117.5 mm (dia.4.
    (Spindle 1) Hollow Cylinder set for KITAGAWA 18in. Hollow Chuck B-18A1121D (without chuck body) (Spindle 1) Hollow Cylinder Set for KITAGAWA 18-inch) Hollow Chuck B-18A1121D (Through Spindle Hole Ø145 mm (Dia.5.71 inch)) (Bar work capacity dia. 117 mm (4.61 inch)) (Without Chuck Body) Hollow cylinder and draw bar are included as a set. Chuck is n
    Chuck foot switch (double) for spindle 1 Chuck foot switch (double) for spindle 1 You can open/close the chuck with two foot switches.
    Turret : Y-axis Turret: Y-axis (NLX4000) It moves the turret in the Y-axis direction. In combination with the rotary tool spindle and spindle 2, it implements process integration for workpieces with complicated shapes. Please refer to the turret interference diagrams
    Rotary tool spindle 40/ 14 Nm, 10,000 min-1 Standard Rotary Tool Spindle 40/14 Nm (29.5/10.33 ft·lbf), 10,000 min-1 Standard rotary tool spindle for the 10, 12-station in-house bolt-tightened turret specification. BMT (Built-In Motor Turret) is installed with the milling specification, and the o
    12-station bolt-tightened turret for NL holders 12-station Bolt-tightened Turret for NL Holders In-house 12 station turret. The standard 10-station turret can be changed to the 12-station turret. Please refer to the axis travel diagrams and turret interference diagrams for the movable region. Number
    Tailstock spindle built-in center MT5 (Standard) Tailstock Spindle Built-in Center MT5 (Standard Specifications) The built-in center specification is suitable for heavy cutting. The built-in center can be shaped into various forms and is relatively inexpensive. Taper hole of tailstock spindle: MT5 (bui
    Foot switch for tailstock Foot switch for tailstock The tailstock spindle is moved in and out with a foot switch.
    Preparation for automatic centering steady rest SMW SLU-X5.1 (carriage direct-coupled) (single) (/1500) Preparation for Automatic Centering Steady Rest SMW SLU-X5.1 (Carriage Direct-coupled) (Single) (/1500) This is an I/F for automatic centering steady rest body attachment. The steady rest prevents vibration and deflection of a long workpiece during mac
    Chip conveyor (right discharge, hinge type) (/1500) Chip Conveyor (Right Discharge, Hinge Type) (/1500) Chips are conveyed on the hinged plates and discharged to the right side of the machine. The hinged plate is effective in discharging long chips. Not suitable for minute powdery chips generated in mach
    Interface for Super-high-pressure coolant system (7.0 MPa, Variable Pressure Steps, KNOLL/ Interlit) Interface for Super-High-Pressure Coolant System (8 Steps Pressure) (Separate Type)(Auto-Switching from/to Standard Coolant Pump) Interface for mounting the high-pressure coolant system (separate type). The electrical components and coolant piping are i
    Coolant chiller (SK-OP) Coolant Chiller (Separate Type) The coolant chiller cools coolant in the coolant tank according to a rise in the machine temperature. Controlling the coolant temperature suppresses the rise in temperature of the workpiece and tool and achieves the stabl
    Chuck top coolant (Main spindle) Chuck Top Coolant Unit (Spindle 1) The coolant is discharged through the coolant nozzle on the upper part of the chuck to flush away chips and reduce heat generated on the workpiece during cutting. It uses a different coolant pump from the tool tip coola
    Air blow for chuck (spindle 1) Air Blow for Chuck (Spindle 1) Air is blown to the chuck for removing chips adhering to it. Removing the chips prevents the gripping accuracy from being impaired by the chip pinching. The air blow nozzle is installed on the upper part of chuck. The co
    Interface for Mist collector (duct dia. 200 mm + electric parts for AFS 1600) Mist Collector Interface (Duct f200 mm (dia.7.87 inch.) + Electric Parts for AFS 1600) I/F for mounting the mist collector AFS1600 that collects, absorbs and dehydrates mist, dust particles and oily fumes generated during machining using the filter. The
    Oil Skimmer Oil Skimmer It removes oil floating on the coolant in the tank to extend coolant life by attaching the oil to the surface of the rotating belt. It is recommended to use it with the water-soluble coolant. The belt is made of polyurethane. Do not use it
    Full-closed loop control for X-axis (Direct scale feedback) Full-closed Loop Control for X-axis (Direct Scale Feedback) The magnetic scale is used for the X-axis position sensing, instead of the axis servomotor pulse encoder. It is not susceptible to ball screw precision error or thermal displacement. The magnet
    Manual in-machine tool presetter (pivoting type) (STD) Manual In-machine Tool Presetter (Pivoting Type) (Standard) It simplifies the complicated setup work at the tool change. The position of the tool nose is measured precisely by just bringing the tool nose into contact with the sensor, and the measured va
    Full-closed loop control for Z-axis (/1500) (Direct scale feedback) Full-closed Loop Control for Z-axis (/1500) (Direct Scale Feedback) The magnetic scale is used for the Z-axis position sensing, instead of the axis servomotor pulse encoder. It is not susceptible to ball screw precision error or thermal displacement. Th
    Automatic door (/1500) Automatic Door (/1500) The front door is opened and closed using the air cylinder. Even when the operator is caught by the front door, the tape switch installed in the door is immediately activated to stop the door. Automatic door opening width: 945 mm
    EtherNetI/P I/F EtherNetI/P I/F This I/F is used for transferring control signals between the machine and peripheral equipment via Ethernet. This I/F can be connected to all peripheral equipment that has terminals corresponding to LAN cables. This specification also
    Interface for Robot (EtherNet/IP), Need to select EtherNet/IP Interface Robot I/F (EtherNet/IP), Separate EtherNet/IP I/F Required The interface signals for mounting robots are made available. The signals are exchanged with the robots using the EtherNet/IP communication protocol. The use of the robots allows the automatic
    Interface for Safety fence (electric Interface) Safety Fence I/F (Electric I/F) Signal for indicating the status of the safety fence door to the machine. When the machine receives the signal indicating that the safety fence door is closed, power is supplied even if the machine front door is open. W
    Normal anchor Normal Anchor The anchor bolts secure the machine body to the floor.
    Alternating speed Alternating Speed It can suppress regenerative chattering by fluctuating spindle speed. The cycle is automatically calculated only by setting the fluctuation width in the guidance screen. *Regenerative chatter is created by excitation resulting from t
    Setting Unit mm Setting Unit, MM The unit to be used for the screen display and program commands is set to millimeter (mm). Turning: MM specification for the turret Horizontal machining center: MM specification for the tapped pallet
    Frequency 50 Hz Frequency 50 Hz This machine is shipped with frequency set to 50 Hz specification. (Caution) IF the setting is incompatible, there is a possibility of trouble such as operation abnormality and alarm occurrence. Be sure to check the supply voltage and fr
    Manual pulse generator (separate type) Manual pulse generator (separate type) Adding handy type pulse handle improves operability during set-up operation. The switch on the operation panel can change which pulse handle is used on the operation panel or handheld side. Handheld pulse handle o
    10 external M-codes 10 External M-Codes 10 M-codes are added for general purpose use by customers. The terminal blocks are provided for output/completion of the added M-codes. When the M-code is specified, the signal is output to the terminal block relayed to the relay ci
    Islands, open pockets Islands, open pockets Islands - Programming process can be greatly simplified because minimum input operation is required even for the complex machining. Open pockets Definition of open pockets eliminates tool paths with no machining allowance,
    High-speed canned cycle High-speed canned cycle The screen guidance guide to input the stable cycle argument. One line program can command high-speed cutting. High-speed machining cuts the machining time. The cycle whose high speed machining complicated programming can be do
    IoTconnector IoTconnector The IoTconnector allows the use of online services of DMG MORI (e.g. NETservice)
    NETservice NETservice A software installed on IoTconnector for qualified support by Internet- based remote diagnostics
    Machine Data Connector (MDC) Machine Data Connector (MDC) A software installed on IoTconnector for uniform machine data interface as an integrated function of the DMG MORI Connectivity Hardware
    Screen display English Screen display English Language on MAPPS Screen: English Language on MAPPS Warning Screen: English Language on NC Screen: English Language on PC Screen: English
    Please notice, for this machine you must have a transformer. Please notice, for this machine you must have a transformer, the transformer is not part of the machine equipment and must be ordered separately.

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