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NLX2000/500 (Reference-Nr. 071303)

Asking price

  • Reference number 071303
    Manufacture Year 2018
    Operation Hours not applicable
  • Metal working machine
  • Lathes
  • CNC lathes (4 or more axes)
  • Mitsubishi

  • General
    CNC Turning Centre with C axis and tool drive; Control: Control M730UM with CELOS
    Max machining diameter 356 mm
    Dimensions (L x W x H) 2,82 x 2,09 x 2,15 m
    Drive power tool spindle 5,5/5,5/3,7 kW
    Drive power main spindle 15/15/11 kW
    Rapid feed X / Z 30/30 m/min
    Input precision of C-axis on Mainspindle 0,001 degree
    Movements X / Z 260/590 mm
    Rotary tool spindle speed 10000 rpm
    Number of tool stations 12
    Speed max. -5000 rpm
    Bar diameter max. 65 mm
    Swing- Ø, max. 755 mm
    Max. Turning Length 510 mm
    Weight approx. 5500 Kg

  • CELOS - ERGOline Touch CELOS - ERGOline Touch to facilitate machine operation incl. 21.5 ERGOline Touch ® control with multi touch screens Uniform management, documentation and visualization of order, process - and machine data Networkable with CAD / CAM User friendly and p
    (Spindle 1) Standard spindle 15 / 11 kW, 5,000min-1 (Spindle 1) Standard Spindle 15/11 kW (20/15 HP), 5,000 min-1 Max. spindle speed: 5,000 min-1 Chuck size: 8 inch., 10 inch. Spindle nose type: JIS A2-6 Through-spindle hole diameter: 73 mm (dia.2.87 inch.) Min. spindle indexing angle: 0.001° Spindle driv
    (Spindle 2) Standard spindle 11 / 7.5 kW, 6,000min-1 (Spindle 2) Standard Spindle 11/7.5 kW (15/10 HP), 6,000 min-1 Spindle 2 max. speed: 6,000 min-1 Chuck size: 6 inch., 8 inch. Spindle nose type: JIS A2-5 Through-spindle hole diameter:Ø43 mm (dia.1.69 inch.) Min. spindle indexing angle: 0.001° Spind
    (Spindle 1) Hollow Cylinder set for KITAGAWA 8in. Hollow Chuck BB208A621 (without chuck body) (Spindle 1) Hollow Cylinder Set for KITAGAWA 8-inch Hollow Chuck BB208A621 (Without Chuck Body) Kitagawa hollow cylinder and draw bar are included as a set. Chuck is not included. Please see the chuck-cylinder combination diagram for the combination w
    (Spindle 2) KITAGAWA 6in. Hollow Chuck B206A521F (Spindle 2) KITAGAWA 6-inch Hollow Chuck B206A521F Three-jaw hydraulic chuck manufactured by Kitagawa Iron Works. Chuck outer diameter: Ø 169 mm (dia.6.65 inch.) Through-hole diameter: Ø 45 mm (dia.1.77 inch.) Gripping diameter: Max. Ø 169 mm (dia.
    (Spindle 2) Solid Cylinder set for KITAGAWA 6in. Hollow Chuck B206A521F (without chuck body) (Spindle 2) Solid Cylinder Set for KITAGAWA 6-inch Hollow Chuck B206A521F Solid cylinder Howa C1SB115 and draw pipe R74279 are included. Chuck is not included. Please see the chuck-cylinder combination diagram for the combination with chuck and the speci
    Chuck foot switch (double) for spindle 1, 2 Chuck foot switch (double) for spindle 1, 2 Chuck opening and closing on spindle 1 and 2 are operated by twin chuck footswitch.
    Rotary tool spindle 29/ 14 Nm, 10,000 min-1 Rotary Tool Spindle 29/14 Nm (21.39/10.33 ft·lbf), 10,000 min-1 Rotary tool spindle output: 5.5/5.5/3.7 kW (7.5/7.5/5 HP) (3 min/5 min/cont) Rotary tool spindle torque: 29/26/14 Nm (21.39/19.18/10.33 ft·lbf) (3 min/5 min/cont)
    12 Station Bolt-Tightened Turret(Standard Specification) 12-Station Bolt-Tightened Turret (Standard specification) Number of tool stations: 12 Shank height for square tool: 25 mm (0.98 inch.) Shank diameter for boring bar: Ø50 mm (dia.1.97 inch.) (spindle2 side Ø32 mm (dia.1.26 inch.)) Turret indexing tim
    Spindle 2 tailstock specifications Spindle 2 Tailstock Specification The specification to push a workpiece by the center mounted in the spindle 2 chuck. This allows you to machine the tip of the workpiece. When using spindle 2 as a tailstock, the motor equipped with a brake is installe
    Chip conveyor (right discharge, hinge type) Chip Conveyor (Right Discharge, Hinge Type) Chip conveying capacity: 390 L/h (102.96 gph) Max. coolant throughput: 170 L/min (44.88 gpm)
    Manual in-machine tool presetter (pivoting type) (STD) Manual In-machine Tool Presetter (Pivoting Type) (Standard) It simplifies the complicated setup work at the tool change. The position of the tool nose is measured precisely by just bringing the tool nose into contact with the sensor, and the measured valu
    Standard workpiece unloader (built-in type) Standard Workpiece Unloader (Built-In Type) This device automatically receives the completed workpiece and carries it outside the machine. Unmanned consecutive operation is possible by combining it with a bar feeder (separate option). Can be operated in c
    Spindle 2 workpiece ejector Spindle 2 Workpiece Ejector It is an option for spindle 2 specifications, and ejects a workpiece by pneumatically actuating a shaft inside spindle 2. The end block can be replaced by the customer.
    Interface for Bar feeder (LNS) (multiple) Bar Feeder Interface (LNS) (Multiple) The Bar feeder interface (I/F) is used for connection to the bar feeder which achieves higher productivity by the automatic bar stock feed. To install any bar feeder other than the LNS-made, the I/F needs to be ch
    Dry anchor Dry anchor Anchors fitted on the bed to prevent the machine from moving because of vibrations when starting up or because of slight earthquakes. They control vibration in all directions as far as possible.
    Setting Unit mm Setting Unit, MM The unit to be used for the screen display and program commands is set to millimeter (mm). Turning: MM specification for the turret Horizontal machining center: MM specification for the tapped pallet
    Islands, open pockets Islands, open pockets Islands - Programming process can be greatly simplified because minimum input operation is required even for the complex machining. Open pockets Definition of open pockets eliminates tool paths with no machining allowance,
    High-speed canned cycle High-speed canned cycle The screen guidance guide to input the stable cycle argument. One line program can command high-speed cutting. High-speed machining cuts the machining time. The cycle whose high speed machining complicated programming can be do
    Addition of optional block skip (soft key type 2-9) Addition of Optional Block Skip (Soft Key Type 2-9) 8 optional block skip functions are added. The switches for enabling/disabling them is added on the operation panel.
    High-pressure coolant system (635/ 1,040 W) High-pressure coolant system (635/ 1,040 W) With this specification, abilities to remove the chips and to cool the tool or workpiece during cutting are higher compared. A pump which supply coolant to the turret is changed to the high-pressure specificati
    Transformer 35 kVA Transformer 35 kVA three phase autotransformer in cabinet CLPB 21F-0727T0300
    Special equipment LNS short bar loader Quick Load Servo 80 S2, Loading left behind and Cross pusher - incl. MORI Interfacce Harting connector - 1 plunger diameter 20 mm - 1 V extension 120 ° - 1 spindle insert tube f. Material 46 mm with inside diameter 47 mm
    Special equipment Main spindle, Hainbuch Spanntop nova Combi Axzug D65 mm - Incl. draw tube adapter / attachments - incl. chip protection ring with passage

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