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DMG MORI Global Marketing GmbH
80807 München
+49 (0) 89 / 24 88 359 00
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HSC 30 linear (Reference-Nr. 055057)

Manufacturer: DMG MORI, Vendor: DMG MORI Global Marketing GmbH

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  • Reference number 055057
    Manufacture Year 2015
    Operation Hours not applicable
  • Metal working machine
  • Machining centres
  • High Speed Machining Centers (HSC)
  • Siemens

  • General
    Precision centre - linear drive package - active cooling for spindle, linear drives and electrical cabinet - frame temperatur control - direct measuring system - coolant/airblast changing - MPC Machine Protection Control Machine protection by quick shutdown; Control: CELOS with Siemens 840D sl Operate
    Working area 1
    Longitudinal 320 mm
    Cross 300 mm
    Vertical 280 mm
    Technical Data
    Feed rate longitudinal/transverse/vertical 50000/50000/50000 mm/min
    Rapid traverse longitudinal/transverse/vertical 50/50/50 m/min

  • Main drive Drive power (100% DC) 15 kW
    Drive power (40% DC) 19,5 kW
    Torque (100% DC) 12 Nm
    Torque (40% DC) 16 Nm
    Speed range - 40000 rpm
    Spindle taper HSK-E 40
    Tool magazine Type of magazine Wheel
    Type of gripper Double gripper
    Number of tools 30
    HSC 30 linear 5-Axis Specification HSC 30 linear with 5-Axis Specification clamping area Ø 250 mm, Ø 9.8 inch Tilting range B-axis +/- 120°; C-axis 360° Table load max. 80 kg / 176.4 lbs Absolute Measuring systems incl. permanent cooling of B- and C-axis motor T-slots 12H7 / 50
    Zero-point clamping system EROWA ITS 150 Zero point clamping system EROWA ITS 150 Chuck pre-installed on rotary table of the swivel- / rotary axis (air pressure supply of min. 6 bar requested)
    Infrared measuring probe TC 52 Infrared touch Probe type Blum TC 52
    Tool Measuring Blum Laser Taktil Tool measuring Blum Laser Tactil Non-Contact optical tool measuring system with integrated mechanical touch probe including calibration tool
    3D Quick SET 3D quickSET Tool kit for control and compensation of the cinematic accuracy of 5 axis machine configurations (only with option touch probe)
    Signal lamp 4-colour Signal lamp 4-colour Red: general error Yellow: intervention necessary Green: automatic mode Blue: set-up mode
    Production package 980l ICS coolant tempering Production package coolant tempered with internal coolant supply (ICS) Special coolant temperature control for more kinematic stability. Including paperband filter, coolant tempering and stirring device, swarf conveyor (scraper type) 40 bar/23 l/min/ 980
    Oil and emulsion mist separator Oil and emulsion mist separator mechanical
    Minimum lubrication external 2 jets Minimum lubrication external with 2 jets
    Air blast through spindle centre dry Air blast through spindle centre (dry) activated by M function, (up 28.000rpm and higher)
    High-Speed-Settings High-Speed-Settings Selection of the optimal milling mode for the next machining-step.
    Operation mode 4 Operation mode 4 Process monitoring in the production Manual intervention with open doors of machining area. Release after check list has been filled in.
    Safety package for power failure Safety package for power failure Overload limiter, Undervoltage moni- toring with fast deceleration control
    Safety glass at operators door Laminated safety glass at operators door
    NETSERVICE (CELOS) Netservice Qualified support by Internet-based remote diagnostics
    SERVICE AGENT (CELOS) SERVICE AGENT (CELOS) Overview of all maintenance work on the machine
    MESSENGER (CELOS) MESENGER (CELOS) Clear live status of the networked machines

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