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DMC 55 H duoBLOCK (Reference-Nr. 064074)

Asking price

  • Reference number 064074
    Manufacture Year 2009
    Operation Hours not applicable
  • Metal working machines
  • Machining centres
  • Machining Centers (Horizontal)
  • Siemens

  • General
    Horizontal Machining Centre; Control: 3D Control Siemens 840D solutionline
    Working area 1
    Longitudinal 560 mm
    Cross 600 mm
    Vertical 600 mm
    Technical Data
    Feed rate longitudinal/transverse/vertical 60000/60000/60000 mm/min
    Rapid traverse longitudinal/transverse/vertical 60/60/60 m/min

  • Cabine Full protection cabin
    Direct measuring system Direct path measuring system
    NC rotary table with pallet carrier NC rotary table with pallet carrier permissible load 500 kg / 1,100 lbs (no indexing table 360 x 1° in basic machine)
    Tool magazine, chain Vert., 60 pockets Tool magazine Vertical chain magazine with 60 tool pockets
    4. Axes (swivelling range) 360 x 0,001 degree
    Maximum load (table centre) 500 Kg
    Table surface 400 x 400 mm
    Motor spindle 18,000 rpm Main drive: Integrated motor spindle incl. active cooling
    Spindle taper CAT 40
    Speed range - 18000 rpm
    Torque (40% DC) 110 Nm
    Torque (100% DC) 84 Nm
    Drive power (40% DC) 34 kW
    Drive power (100% DC) 28 kW
    Spindle taper CAT 40 Spindle taper CAT 40 (incl. adaptation working spindle, tool changer and standard magazine)
    Tool clamping ISO/DIS 7388/II type B Tool clamping hydraulic/mechanical for draw bolt ISO/DIS 7388/II type B
    Infrared measuring probe Renishaw Infrared measuring probe Type Renishaw OMP 60
    Production package 40 bar/23 l/min, 980 l tank Production package Coolant unit 980 l / 259 gallon, paper band filter Internal coolant supply 40 bar/23 l/min / 580 psi/6 gallon/min through spindle centre (AD) roof chip rinsing 300 l/min / 80 gallon/min (theoretical pump performance) through jets with n
    Tool measuring in machining area Blum Laser NT-Hybrid Tool measuring in machining area Type Blum Laser NT-Hybrid automatic retraction of the measuring unit in a protected housing tool length and tool diameter measuring in horizontal/vertical position
    Spray pistol with pump Spray pistol with pump 1 bar/40 l/min 14.5 psi/10.4 gallon/min (theoretical pump performance)
    Oil and emulsion mist separator Oil and emulsion mist separator electrostat filter
    Cooling Cooling by air blast through spindle centre, selection with M function
    Laminated safety glass Laminated safety glass for window in right cabin door
    Safety package for power failure Safety package for power failure: Voltage control with fast deceleration trigger

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