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DMG MORI Global Marketing GmbH
80807 München
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DMC 60 H linear (Reference-Nr. 063998)

Asking price

  • Reference number 063998
    Manufacture Year 2018
    Operation Hours not applicable
  • Metal working machine
  • Machining centres
  • Machining Centers (Horizontal)
  • Siemens

  • General
    Horizontal Machining Centre in travelling column construction; Control: 3D Control Siemens 840D solutionline operate
    Technical Data
    Feed rate longitudinal/transverse/vertical 100000/100000/100000 mm/min
    Rapid traverse longitudinal/transverse/vertical 100/100/100 m/min
    Working area 1
    Longitudinal 630 mm
    Cross 750 mm
    Vertical 800 mm

  • Cabine Full protection cabin
    Direct measuring system Direct path measuring system
    NC swivel rotary table NC swivel rotary table with pallet carrier max. table load: 400 kg / 882 lbs rotation B axis: 360° swivel range A axis: 25° / -200° range X / Y / Z - axis 630 x 800 x 750 mm/24.8 x 31.5 x 29.5 in axis kinematics A / B (basic machine without NC rotary
    Clamping hydraulics 2/4 channels f. working table/setup station Clamping hydraulics 2/4 channels for working table / set-up station for connection of hydraulic clamping devices incl. pallet preparation basic machine
    Motor spindle 20,000 rpm Motor spindle speedMASTER® HSK-A 63 Spindle speed 20 - 20,000 min-1 Output 35 kW / 25 kW (47 hp / 33 hp) Torque 130 Nm / 86 Nm (96 ft lbs / 63 ft lbs) (40 / 100 % duty cycle)
    Taper cleaning brushes Taper cleaning unit with rotating brushes for spindle taper HSK
    Tool magazine, wheel, 123 pockets HSK-A63 Tool magazine wheel magazine (2 wheels) with 123 tool pockets HSK-A63
    Operation panel for loading station tool magazine Control panel for loading station tool magazine with TFT screen 15 Input on softkeys / alpha-numeric keyboard on touch screen Windows 7 embedded
    Infrared measuring probe Renishaw HSK-A 63 Infrared measuring probe Type Renishaw OMP 60 HSK-A 63
    Tool breakage control mechanical Tool breakage control mechanical version
    MPC Machine Protection Control MPC Machine Protection Control Machine protection by quick shutdown
    Production package 80 bar, frequency controlled Scraper flight conveyor with coolant unit 980 l, paper band filter Discharge hight 950 mm Width 380 mm Internal coolant supply, frequency controlled 10 bar/37l/min - 80 bar/31 l/min - through spindle centre (AD) External coolant supply 4 bar/40 l/min (
    Coolant tempering Coolant temperature control for internal coolant supply 980 l / 259 gallon Heating power max.: 3,000 W / 4 hp Cooling power max.: 3,800 W / 5.1 hp
    Rotating clear-view window Rotating clear-view window cabin door
    Spray pistol with pump Spray pistol with pump 2 bar/40 l/min 29 psi/10.4 gallon/min (theoretical pump performance)
    Oil and emulsion mist separator Oil and emulsion mist separator Mechanical filter Throughput volume 1,100 m³/h
    Cooling Cooling by air blast through spindle centre, selection with M function
    MDynamics package Deckel Maho package MDynamics Improved surface quality combined with reduced machining time
    Interpolation turning Interpolation turning Turning-recessing cycle Manufacture of simple sealing surfaces and grooves using Machining Centres
    Application Tuning Cycle ATC Application Tuning Cycle ATC programmable feed parameter selection for machining task: accuracy/surface/speed
    Operation mode 4 Operation mode 4 Process monitoring in the production Manual intervention with open doors of machining area Release after completed check list
    DMG MORI Service Agent DMG MORI Service Agent Warning in advance - Service on time
    DMG MORI Messenger DMG MORI Messenger Installation kit for the connection of one machine.
    DMG MORI Netservice - client DMG MORI Netservice - client Qualified support by Internet-based remote diagnostics Will be installed on an external PC!
    Special equipment Screws on calcite white: Galvanized screws Screws on titanium gray: Black screws Tidy roofs (clean cables and hose laying) Partition wall of pallet changer in glass Lighting in the tool magazine room Paint cover Cabinet cooling units in machine color
    Special equipment CELOS control panel connection analog incl. DMG MORI Wake up Version BA4, deselection via machine constants Spindle with sensor package i4.0 - MPC 2.0 incl. Process-related torque monitoring - SGS - IKZ flow switch - SIS Protime remaining run indicator

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