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DMG MORI Global Marketing GmbH
80807 München
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NHX5000 (Reference-Nr. 064009)

Asking price

  • Reference number 064009
    Manufacture Year 2016
    Operation Hours not applicable
  • Metal working machine
  • Machining centres
  • Machining Centers (Horizontal)
  • Siemens

  • General
    Horizontal Machining Centre; Control: 3D Control Siemens 840D solutionline operate
    Working area 1
    Longitudinal 730 mm
    Cross 880 mm
    Vertical 730 mm
    Technical Data
    Feed rate longitudinal/transverse/vertical 60000/60000/60000 mm/min
    Rapid traverse longitudinal/transverse/vertical 60/60/60 m/min

  • Tool magazine Application Horizontal
    Type of gripper Double gripper
    Number of tools 40
    Cabine Full protection cabin
    NC-Rundtisch direct drive NC- rotary table direct drive with pallet carrier max. table load 500 kg / 1.102 lbs
    Clamping hydraulics 2/6 channels manual Clamping hydraulics 2/6 channels (2 circuits), manual for working table and set-up station for connection of hydraulic clamping devices incl. pallet preparation basic machine
    Production package ICS 80 bar (Siemens) Production package (Siemens) 500 l (132 gal.) tank integrated in scraper flight conveyor with integrated drum filter. Discharge height: 950 mm / 37.4 in Width: 430 mm / 16.9 in coolant unit 600 l / 159 gal, paper band filter, ICS 80 bar / 15 l/min / 1,1
    Coolant tempering (Siemens) Coolant tempering (Siemens) for internal coolant unit 600 lt / 160 gal.: Increased tank 980 lt / 259 gallon Heating capacity max.: 3,000 W / 4 hp Cooling capacity max.: 3,800 W / 5.1 hp
    Rotating clear-view window Rotating clear-view window for window cabin door
    Tool breakage control mechanical (Siemens) Tool breakage control (Siemens) mechanical version
    DMG MORI Messenger DMG MORI Messenger Installation kit for the connection of one machine.
    DMG MORI Netservice - client DMG MORI Netservice - client Qualified support by Internet-based remote diagnostics Will be installed on an external PC!
    Special equipment Mainspindle 20.000 rpm HSK- A63 11/15 KW
    Special equipment Setup station rotatable by motor, 4 x 90°, 2 hand Operation
    Special equipment Controlling of the motor driven Setup-station by the roboter. Required for different loading positions (only available with Setup-station rotatable by motor)
    Special equipment Machine Interface for Automation: Includes the mechanical, electrical and software preparation, consisting of: - Operation mode for manual/ automatic loading, switchable by key switch - The set-up doors are locked in open position for automatic Opera
    Special equipment - sequential Operation (NC-programs have to be manually assigned on the control) - Function call for start up and empty running (depending on the installed handling system) - Interface prepared for hydraulic clamping system with 1 clamping circu

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