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NHX5000 (Reference-Nr. 064051)

Asking price

  • Reference number 064051
    Manufacture Year 2019
    Operation Hours not applicable
  • Metal working machine
  • Machining centres
  • Machining Centers (Horizontal)
  • Fanuc

  • General
    Horizontal machining center; Control: Control F31iB with CELOS
    Speed max. -20000 rpm
    Dimensions (L x W x H) 3,08 x 4,79 x 2,86 m
    Max. tool length 550 mm
    Spindle taper HSK-A 63
    Tool Magazine with 120 Positions
    Rapid feed X / Y / Z 60/60/60 m/min
    Movement X / Y / Z 730/730/880 mm
    Palett changer with 2 Pallet
    Max. work piece height 1000 mm
    Max. work piece diameter 800 mm
    Maximum load (table centre) 500 Kg
    Swivelling range 360x0,001 degree
    Table size 500x500 mm
    Drive power (40% DC) 26 kW
    Drive power (100% DC) 18,5 kW
    Weight approx. 12000 Kg

  • CELOS - ERGOline Touch CELOS - ERGOline Touch to facilitate machine operation incl. 21.5 ERGOline Touch ® control with multi touch screens Uniform management, documentation and visualization of order, process - and machine data Networkable with CAD / CAM User friendly and p
    High-speed spindle 20,000 min-1, 37/ 26/ 18.5 kW High-Speed Spindle 20,000 min-1, 37/26/18.5 kW Motor spindle speedMASTER® Spindle speed: 35 - 20,000 min-1 Output: 37/26/18.5 kW (50/34.7/24.7 HP) (15%ED/30min/cont) Torque: 221/107/86.8 Nm (163/78.92/64.02 ft·lbf) (10%ED/15min/cont)
    Preparation for Center Through-spindle coolant system Center Through-Spindle Coolant System It can supply coolant through the holes of the spindle and tool. The coolant supply path to the tool tip is a center-through type. Effective for removing chips, cooling a machining point and prolonging a tool life.
    Spindle Taper HSK-A63 Spindle Taper HSK-A63 This specification uses the HSK-A63 tool holder.
    Full 4th axis rotary table (STD) Full Rotary B-Axis Specifications (Standard Specification) Minimum pallet indexing angle is 0.001 °. It is applicable to the B-axis index machining and simultaneous 4-axis machining. The High torque DD (direct drive) motor enables high-speed and high-p
    Without Auto-Coupler Hydraulic Fixture Interface Without Auto-Coupler Hydraulic Fixture Interface The standard auto-coupler hydraulic fixture interface is not provided.
    Tool storage capacity 120 tools (HSK-A63) Tool Storage Capacity 120 Tools (HSK-A63) Chain-type magazine Tool capacity: 120 tools (including one tool mounted in the spindle) Fixed address, shorter route access Max. tool diameter: - With adjacent tools: f70 mm (dia.2.76 inch.) - Without adjacent to
    Chip conveyor outside machine (rear discharge, drum filter type) (STD) External Chip Conveyor (Rear Discharge, Drum Filter Type) (Standard Specification) The scraper type chip conveyor efficiently discharges chips in the machine into the container (order separately) at the rear of the machine. The drum filter rotates durin
    Interface for Through-spindle coolant system (7.0 MPa, Variable Pressure Steps) (KNOLL) Through-Spindle Coolant System I/F (8 Steps Pressure) (Separate Type) I/F for mounting the high-pressure coolant system (separate type). Supplies the high-pressure coolant to the tool tip from the center of the spindle through the retention knob and the
    Mist collector Interface (duct only, dia. 200 mm ) Mist Collector Interface (Duct Only, Dia 200 mm (7.874 in) ) Interface for attaching a mist collector to collect dust and particles and to condense oil mist and smoke generated during the machining process. Includes only the duct outlet from the machine b
    Rotary window Rotary window The rotary window is fixed inside the window at the machining side door. Glass disc of the rotary window rotates by air drive to remove coolant adhering inside of the window with centrifugal force. -Air drive system -Outer diameter: 239 mm
    Dry anchor Dry anchor Anchors are fitted to prevent the machine from moving due to small earthquakes and vibrations during operation. They restrict movement in all directions as far as possible. Fork-cut anchors must be driven in before installation.
    Setting Unit mm Setting Unit, MM The unit to be used for the screen display and program commands is set to millimeter (mm). Turning: MM specification for the turret Horizontal machining center: MM specification for the tapped pallet
    Islands, open pockets Islands, open pockets Islands - Programming process can be greatly simplified because minimum input operation is required even for the complex machining. Open pockets Definition of open pockets eliminates tool paths with no machining allowance,
    High-speed canned cycle High-speed canned cycle High-speed cutting can be specified with one line of program. This function enables the user to reduce programming time by adding a new cycle that can create a high-speed, time saving complicated programs.
    Screen display German Screen display German Language on MAPPS Screen: German Language on MAPPS Warning Screen: German Language on NC Screen: German Language on PC Screen: German

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