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DMG MORI Global Marketing GmbH
80807 München
+49 (0) 89 / 24 88 359 00
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CMX 50 U (Reference-Nr. 010919)

Asking price

  • Reference number 010919
    Manufacture Year 2018
    Operation Hours not applicable
  • Metal working machine
  • Machining centres
  • Machining centres (Universal)
  • Heidenhain

  • General
    Universal Milling Machines; Control: 3D-control Heidenhain TNC 620
    Working area 1
    Longitudinal 500 mm
    Cross 450 mm
    Vertical 400 mm
    Floor space/Weight
    Dimensions (L x W x H) 4,83 x 4,16 x 2,71 m
    Weight approx. 4700 Kg
    Technical Data
    Feed rate longitudinal/transverse/vertical 30000/30000/30000 mm/min
    Rapid traverse longitudinal/transverse/vertical 30/30/30 m/min

  • Swivel Rotary Table Powered B/C Axes Swivel Rotary Table Powered B/C Axes with automatic hydraulic clamping Electronic angle indication (B&C Axes) and Working Plane transformation For positioning only!
    Type of Measuring system Direct measuring system
    Table surface Ø 630 x 500 mm
    Maximum load (table centre) 200 Kg
    Slot width 14 mm
    Number of Slots 7
    Distance between T-Slots 63 mm
    4. Axes (swivelling range) 360 x 0,001 degree
    5. Axes (swivelling range) -5/+110 x 0,001 degree
    Main drive Type of main drive AC
    Drive power (100% DC) 9 kW
    Drive power (40% DC) 13 kW
    Speed range 20 - 12000 rpm
    Spindle taper SK 40 DIN 69871
    Clamping System DIN 69872
    Tool magazine Application Vertical
    Type of magazine Chain
    Type of gripper Double gripper
    Number of tools 30
    Direct measuring system X,Y,Z Direct Measuring System X, Y, Z inclusive Air Purge for Measuring System
    Renishaw Touch Probe-Kit for HEIDENHAIN control Renishaw Touch Probe-Kit for HEIDENHAIN control Option includes: - PP40 Touch probe with optical signal transmission; - TS27R Probe for tool measurement; - Calibration tool; - Calibration ring; - Case for equipment.
    Preparation 3D quickSET Machine Preparation for use of the 3D quickSET Toolkit. Option included software for 3D quickSET for one machine (only with option Touch Probe)
    Production Package 2 with Chip Conveyor Production Package 2 Option includes: - Internal coolant supply 20 bar; - Tank capacity: 600l with papertype filter; - Chip conveyor (scraper type) with tank capacity: 250 l (left) - Bed and ATC arm flushing via M-Function; - Coolant spray gun for swar
    Tool (Un-) loading (Heidenhain) Tool (Un-) Loading through Magazine Door during AUTO Mode Option includes: - Tool magazine door - Automatic magazine shutter (instead of brushes) - Buttons for magazine rotation For HEIDENHAIN control
    10 Free M-Codes (M80-M88 + M20) 10 Free M-Codes (M80-M88 + M20) for HEIDENHAIN control

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