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NZX1500 (Reference-Nr. 071318)

Asking price

  • Reference number 071318
    Manufacture Year 2015
    Operation Hours not applicable
  • Metal working machine
  • Lathes
  • Multispindle bar automatics
  • Fanuc

  • General
    Multi-Axis Machine; Control: Control F31iB with CELOS
    Max machining diameter 320 mm
    Movements X / Z / Y 210/810/110 (+65, -45) mm
    Rotary tool spindle speed 6000 rpm
    Upper Turret 16 Positions
    Spindle speed 2nd Spindle max. 6000 rpm
    Speed max. 6000 rpm
    Bar diameter max. 52 mm
    Max. Turning Length 810 mm
    Drive power tool spindle 7,5/5,5 kW
    Drive power second spindle 22/18,5 kW
    Drive power main spindle 22/18,5 kW
    Input precision of C-axis on Counterspindle 0,001 degree
    Input precision of C-axis on Mainspindle 0,001 degree
    Movements X / Z 210/810 mm
    Rotary tool spindle speed 6000 rpm
    Lower Turret 16 Positions
    Weight approx. 8100 Kg

  • EtherNetI/P I/F EtherNetI/P I/F This I/F is used for transferring control signals between the machine and peripheral equipment via Ethernet. This I/F can be connected to all peripheral equipment that has terminals corresponding to LAN cables. This specification also
    Interface for Robot (EtherNet/IP), Need to select EtherNet/IP Interface Robot I/F (EtherNet/IP), Separate EtherNet/IP I/F Required The interface signals for mounting robots are made available. The signals are exchanged with the robots using the EtherNet/IP communication protocol. The use of the robots allows the automatic loa
    Interface for Safety fence (electric Interface) Safety Fence I/F (Electric I/F) Signal for indicating the status of the safety fence door to the machine. When the machine receives the signal indicating that the safety fence door is closed, power is supplied even if the machine front door is open. W
    CELOS - ERGOline Touch CELOS - ERGOline Touch to facilitate machine operation incl. 21.5 ERGOline Touch ® control with multi touch screens Uniform management, documentation and visualization of order, process - and machine data Networkable with CAD / CAM User friendly and p
    C-axis brake (spindle 1, 2) C-axis brake (spindle 1, 2) This brake keeps the spindle in position. A brake pad clamps the disk installed on the spindle to prevent the spindle from jogging while it is stopped. If machining diameter for milling function exceeds bar work capacity, pl
    (Spindle 1) KITAGAWA 8 Hollow Chuck Unit B-208A521 + SR1453C21 (Spindle 1) KITAGAWA 8 Hollow Chuck Unit B-208A521 + SR1453C21
    (Spindle 2) KITAGAWA 8 Hollow Chuck Unit B-208A521 + SR1453C21 (Spindle 2) KITAGAWA 8 Hollow Chuck Unit B-208A521 + SR1453C21
    Spindle 2 tailstock specifications Spindle 2 tailstock specifications You can use the sub spindle also as a tailstock. The servo motor on B-axis equips a brake to prevent the sub spindle from going back in case of emergency stop or power failure. Center is fitted by clamping it with chuck
    High-pressure coolant system (635/ 1,040 W) (for turret 2 specifications) High-pressure coolant system (635/ 1,040 W) (for turret 2 specifications) With this specification, abilities to remove the chips and to cool the tool or workpiece during cutting are higher compared to the standard coolant unit. 2 pumps which supply coolan
    Coolant gun Coolant gun This hand gun type coolant unit can discharge coolant to the place you want. Effective in removing chips adhering to the machine corner. Coolant is supplied directly from the coolant tank using this specification's special pump. With this spec
    Oil skimmer Oil skimmer Removes oil rising to the surface of the coolant in the coolant tank by attaching to a revolving belt, preventing deterioration of coolant. Suitable for water-soluble coolant. Belt is made of polyurethane. Please avoid using coolant containi
    Air blow for chuck (spindle 1) Air blow for chuck (spindle 1) An air jet port on the upper side of the chuck ejects air to remove chips adhering on the jaws and chuck. This prevents loss of gripping accuracy caused by chip accumulation.
    Chip conveyor (right discharge, hinge type) Chip conveyor (right discharge, hinge type) Chips are transferred to outside the machine by hinge type plate. Effective in discharging long chips. This is not suitable for discharging powdery chips generated when cutting mold or gun metal. Cutting those
    Workpiece unloader (spindle 2 workpiece receiver) + workpiece conveyor Workpiece unloader (spindle 2 workpiece receiver) + workpiece conveyor Realizes unmanned operation by collecting the machined workpieces and carrying them out of the machine automatically. Collects workpieces clamped on the sub spindle chuck by the arm s
    External workpiece bucket (spindle 2) External workpiece bucket (spindle 2) During automated system operation by means of a work unloader (The sub spindle), the workpieces carried out to outside of the machine by a workpiece conveyor are collected into this container. Coolant is filled in t
    Bar feeder I/F Bar feeder I/F (LNS) (multiple) This is the interface for the bar feeder, which increases productivity by feeding bar material automatically.
    Chuck foot switch (double) for spindle 1, 2 Chuck foot switch (double) for spindle 1, 2 Chuck opening and closing on spindle 1 and 2 are operated by twin chuck footswitch.
    Synchronous tapping (turning spindle) Synchronous tapping (turning spindle) Highly accurate tapping is possible, since the rotation of the turning spindle and the Z-axis feed are constantly synchronized.
    Polygon turning Polygon turning Main spindle work and rotary tool are rotated synchronously at constant ratio to process polygonal shapes.
    (Only for Europe) Islands, open pockets Islands, open pockets Islands ·Programming process can be greatly simplified because minimum input operation is required even for the complex machining. Open pockets Definition of open pockets eliminates tool paths with no machining allowance, makin
    Text Engraving Function Text Engraving Function Program for text engraving can be output. Note: Only available for milling specification.
    (Only for Europe) High-speed canned cycle High-speed canned cycle High-speed cutting can be specified with one line of program. This function enables the user to reduce programming time by adding a new cycle that can create a high-speed, time saving complicated programs.
    Transformer 95 kVA Transformer 95 kVA three phase autotransformer in cabinet CLPB 50F-0727T08001

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