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Precision tools & clamping technology

Tool presetters and tool balancing

Optical presetting device STP 500
Optical presetting device STP 500
Tool measuring and setting unit
Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik GmbH
Tool measuring and setting units
Optical presetting device STP 500
The optical presetting device STP 500 has been developpend for measuring and presetting tools directly on the machine or in the manufacturing cell.

Design details
• 15" touchscreen, with Windows® 7 operating system
• Intuitive and easy operation of the measurement software
• CMOS color camera
• Calibration unit mounted on the basic tool holder
• Storage fixtures
• Quick adjustment of both axes (X / Z), separately and together
• Fine adjustment of both axes (X / Z)
• Spindle with 4x90° indexing
  • STP - the optical tool presetting device
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