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Pittler SkiveLine - efficiently geared, completely machined

2020-10-15 11:51 | 53 calls
#PITTLER #SkiveLine – the highly efficient Skiving Center for manufacturing internal and external gears on soft and hardened parts with up to 315 mm (12.5 inches) diameter.
The Power #Skiving technology can be applied as single technology or thanks to the tool magazine for up to 20 tools also within a complete machining process. The automation cell PAC loads independent from cycle-time. A radial double flank gear test system can be integrated in the automation cell.

#PITTLER - a name that stands for 130 years of innovation and progress in the area of turning, gear cutting and milling. The founder Wilhelm von Pittler is considered the inventor of the tool turret and the toothing technology of gear skiving.


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