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We belong together

November 2018
Company: Dynatect-HALLTECH GmbH
We belong together

In the second half of 2018 Dynatect is combining the business known as Dynatect Halltech and Dynatect MFB-Technik into a single organization to better serve the Europe market.

As part of the integration, Dynatect will further invest in:

Expanding the number of products manufactured in Europe and developing project management resources for large and complex projects, and also evolving the sales structure to ensure coverage of the whole product portfolio.

In evolving resources to pursue the above objectives, some additional changes include:

  1. The finance, inside sales, and warehousing functions will be consolidated to Dynatect’s Bielefeld location 
  2. Some outside sales and field application engineering will remain in Munich to maintain regional support 
  3. Management roles are being refined that:
    1. Marc Shillig will focus on Manufacturing/Operations
    2. Roderick Hennl will focus on Commercial/Sales

There are no plans to discontinue any offering.  Dynatect will still provide quotations, delivery, and support for the full portfolio.  The “Dynatect-MFB GmbH” will remain the legal business entity for commercial purposes, although we will continue doing business as “Dynatect”. 

We greatly appreciate your support by doing our next big steps to meet your needs best.


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November 2018