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ESPRIT CAM System News

CAM Software - a key factor for your company?

Bamberg, Germany — 23rd of April 2019 — DP Technology, a global leader in CAM software, will take part in the Moulding Expo. The major industry gathering for tool, model and mold making is taking place from May 21-24, 2019. ESPRIT CAM® is constantly expanding its portfolio for the manufacturing of the future and is pleased to be able to show you the features at the Moulding Expo.

Close the Productivity Loop

The ESPRIT KnowledgeBase ™ is one example. It provides a push-button approach for any programmer or operator to determine the best method to machine a given part or feature by automatically selecting the most appropriate machining cycles, cutting tools, and machining parameters. The multi-user SQL database built into ESPRIT's KnowledgeBase™ closes the loop between CNC programmers and the shop floor by providing a central repository for accumulating shop-wide machining experiences. Refine your best practices using real-world input and apply them automatically for flawless consistency throughout your enterprise.

Increased productivity through high-speed methods

Manufacturers are in intense competition, constantly challenging them to find new ways to produce quality parts in less time and at a lower cost. ESPRIT's high-speed cycles can therefore be a key factor in increasing your company's productivity.

The new, patent-pending ProfitMilling® strategy for 2, 3, 4 and 5-axis roughing cycles allows customers to remove more material in a shorter amount of time. The ProfitMilling® strategy optimizes engagement angle, chip load, lateral cutter force and machine acceleration to achieve optimal results. The benefits of the ProfitMilling® cycle are a reduction in machine-tool cycle times, increased tool life, decreased programing time, reduced energy consumption and significant productivity improvements - even with light and medium-duty machine tools. Test results have shown that ProfitMilling® typically reduces cycle time by 75% compared to a traditional concentric roughing strategy.

A more advanced, productive and safe cutting method for high-speed roughing is ProfitTurning™. his new technology is based on an engagement control strategy and tool selection. ProfitTurning™ helps eliminate the adverse effects of traditional turning methods. and increases the productivity.

You can find ESPRIT in Hall 3, Booth 3D60 for more information and live demos. You are welcome to visit the booth to discuss whether ESPRIT can be a key factor for your business.

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